4 Nights of Bliss at Valentin Imperial Maya

Well, I’ve found my new favorite resort. My (lucky) boyfriend and I spent half a week at the amazing Valentin Imperial Maya in August. I’m a travel agent and we sell this resort quite frequently, so I had enough points to score four nights in a Diamond Suite. To get an idea of what this place looks like, here’s a Youtube video I found of the room.

Hoooooo boy. This room was bigger than our apartment! Or at least it felt that way. Knowing we could never afford it we decided to go all out at the Valentin and took advantage this room category and resort have to offer. This room category is automatically part of the Privilege Club, which let us pick out four bottles of liquor, free lobster at any of the restaurants, and a beach cabana as big as a queen sized bed.


Fully stocked personal liquor bar. We even took all the bottles home with us (and didn’t get charged duty taxes!)

The cabanas were our favorite part. It was HOT AS HECK in the summer, so we stayed on the beach for about 8 hours per day and enjoyed the breeze. Valentin’s beach is wide with a designated swimming area. They even have a baby sea turtle sanctuary and we got to witness some being released!


Our own personal beach cabana? Yes, please!




Live long and prosper, baby turtles!


Had it been cooler, we probably would have stayed closer to the pool 🙂

Now for the food. OH the food. I don’t think we had one meal that we didn’t love, especially breakfast for me. And after each dinner, we ordered one of each dessert (to share). It’s all inclusive, so why not?


Eating an awesome caprese salad.


Lobster and shrimp risotto (probably one of my favorite foods).

My favorite meal of the day is breakfast, though, and there’s nothing I love more a huge buffet. Every morning I was so excited to wake up and go down to get my pick of juice and smoothies, Nutella and banana crepes, waffles, omelets, fresh fruit… you name it. I think I gained about 10 pounds from breakfast along. SO DAMN GOOD.



Max got breakfast in bed when I woke up early one day to go to the buffet. He prefers sleep over food 🙂


Sooo much grilled lobstah baby! 

Before dinners a couple of nights we spent an hour at Don Miguel, Valentin’s martini bar. We quickly fell in love with this place as they had some of the best cocktails we’d ever had. My favorite was the first cocktail on the menu that had dry ice in the bottom so it bubbled like a science experiment. It was so fresh and fruity that I had no problem getting these down easy 🙂


I think I’m speaking for both of us when I say the Valentin is our new favorite spot. From lying on our beach bed all day to stuffing ourselves at night, nothing is going to beat our new home away from home <3

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