5 Places I’d Like to Revisit

1. New York City

This photo is from my first time as an adult in New York City. My cousin lives an hour’s bus ride away so we visited this past Christmas and hopped on the bus which took us to the middle of Manhattan. Perfect! We only spent the day there so I feel like I still haven’t really seen New York. I’d like to spend several days or even a week and spend some time in Queens and Brooklyn as well. 

New York City: A Day During Christmas Week 2013
Outside the famous restaurant in Seinfeld!

2. Pisa, Italy

I literally spent all of an hour in Pisa on my way to Florence. I spent most of that time just getting from the station to the cathedral and tower and then trying to take the below picture. Since I was in a hurry I didn’t bother to look too much at it – then again it was packed with tourists and all along the road were tents full of tourist shops. It was a pretty pointless visit so next time I’d like to spend a day or so there to climb up it and go inside the cathedral. 

The Leaning Tower, March 2013
The Leaning Tower, March 2013

3. Porto, Portugal

This is one of my new favorite cities. I spent an Erasmus weekend (like a trip for foreign exchange students in Europe) there while I was studying abroad in Santiago de Compostela, Spain and was blown away by this gorgeous little city. It helped that the weather was beautiful! I really enjoyed the laid-back culture and fantastic port. The hilly-ness also made for some beautiful views throughout the city. 

Wine tasting at Calém in Porto - October 2012
Wine tasting at Calém in Porto – October 2012

4. Oxford, England

I was here for one day – mostly to do Harry Potter related things since there were a lot of scenes filmed here – and fell in love with the campus! The old buildings, the students, the shops and restaurants… I could have toured the city for several days but only had one. I’d love to go back and take in some more history! 


5. Lisbon, Portugal

This was another Erasmus trip but we didn’t spend almost any time in Lisbon itself. We toured surrounding cities instead of spending prime time in Lisbon. We saw a few things here and there but I feel like I really missed out on a lot of important points.
YOiLO: You're Only in Lisbon Once!

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