Announcing My Ambassadorship with Tinggly!

What’s the perfect gift that you can give the travel-lover in your life? The one who you know doesn’t want to be bogged down with stuff, but you don’t quite just want to give them plain old money either. What if you could buy a tour or another fun experience for them while they’re out adventuring? Sounds great, but you don’t know what to do! The perfect solution is Tinggly – a company that organizes tours and experiences around the world, all wrapped up in one price tag for you. I’m so excited to now be part of this amazing company, even if it’s just a small way by reviewing experiences and offering new ideas. It’s pretty cool being called an ambassador, though 🙂

What is Tinggly?

Tinggly is an amazing new company – not to mention my new love that I first of through Norway to Nowhere’s wonderful ambassadorship post – that enables people to gift their loved ones amazing adventures. It’s the perfect way to help them plan their trip, plus they have two whole years to decide. The best part is how many options they have – the perfect gift for the backpacker who doesn’t know where they’re going to be in six months. Check out the experiences map for all the amazing opportunities, and here are a few:

Feeling adventurous? Why not take a trek in India?

tinggly india

Need a bit of R&R? How about visiting a Costa Rican thermal spa?

tinggly cr

How about some good-old sightseeing in Sydney?

tinggly sydney

Tinggly truly has something for everyone, everywhere, and the list is growing!

What does an ambassador do?

The best way for Tinggly to keep up on the quality of its experiences is to work with travel bloggers who are already all over the world and used to doing accommodations, restaurants, and tours in exchange for review and exposure. Plus, what better way to garner new ideas? This is what Tinggly ambassadors do – complete reviews of experiences and offering ideas to Tinggly for new ones. Keep an eye out on some tours I’ll be doing this year, with objective reviews!

How do I get involved?

If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador, click here to get started. Also make sure to check out Tinggly on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram – not to mention the Tinggly Journal!

Where do I buy a Tinggly gift?

Click the picture to get started!

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