Awww, shucks! It’s award season!

The lovely Hanne from from Places People Stories nominated me for four different blog awards! Thank you, dear! So I suppose I’ll sort them all in a list like she did! Not sure how else I can 🙂 I’m only going to nominate six bloggers – ones that I literally have bookmarked on my computer and read regularly. Here they are:

Fifty Two Truths

The Blonde Banana

Suzy Guese

Love & Road

Lines of Escape

Girl in London



First up we have the Premio Dardos which recognizes cultural focuses in writing. Thanks!



For the One Lovely Blogger Award and the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, they both require that you tell 7 facts about yourself. Here are mine:

1. My mom is from India.

2. My 2nd favorite city is Porto, Portugal.

3. My 1st favorite city is London.

4. My favorite drink is a Lemondrop Martini.

5. I have a lot of family in many countries – India, Spain, Australia, Switzerland and England included! There’s always someone to visit somewhere!

6. Like many travel lovers, I have two push-pin maps – a world one and a USA one.

7. Cats > dogs!
Premio-Liebster-AwardAaaand of course the Liebster Award! I’ve gotten this a couple times before, so thanks again! Here are my answers to Hanne’s questions:

What is your favourite destination in the world? London London London and London forever!
What was you motivation for share your travel stories and start a blog? Studying abroad in Santiago de Compsotela!
What do you find most scary while travelling? Really only when I’m alone and street hustlers won’t leave me alone. Otherwise I always prefer to travel alone.
What do you miss most about home when on travel? Warm, cozy towels, good cooking, and my cats. Oh and I guess my family/friends/boyfriend yanno.
What is your favourite travel quote? The world is a book and those who don’t travel read only one page.
Which three destinations are on top on your bucket list? Machu Picchu, South Africa, Taj Mahal. 
What is the best travel tip you can give to other travellers? Travel alone! Or if you must travel with others, make sure they are not picky eaters first.
What is the most disgusting thing you have eaten on your travels? Tuna cake when I thought it was supposed to be a dessert after dinner. Quite the misunderstanding. 
Which post is your favourite one on your blog? Probably the posts about my week in Rome, March 2013! Best week of my life.
In which transportation do you prefer to travel in? Afoot!
If you were to be stranded on an island and you could only take one thing, what would it be? An indestructible and roomy tent.

Here are my questions:

Which food do you like the least?

What is your favorite documentary film?

Do you ever do a city bus tour?

Do you have a regular souvenir that you buy?

Do you have any particular travel gear that you always use?

What’s the best way to pass the time on long flights?

What made you start traveling?

Cats or dogs?

Do you have any favorite televisions shows from other countries?

Do you have any country that you’ve visited that you’d never return to?

Biggest pet peeve while traveling?


Make up your own rules and nominate however many people you want… or don’t! 🙂

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