Back in Rome

Rome, Italy

After a restful night back from Paris, I woke up late and only planned to go to the Pantheon on Friday. The Pantheon is a temple originally dedicated to all the Roman gods (pan (all) theon (gods)) and is now dedicated to the Christian religion. After that I just walked around a little bit for the city and explored new sites.

One of my favorite spots of the day was finding Gelateria Della Palma, right near the Pantheon. Stand facing away from the Pantheon and take the little road ahead of you on the right. About a block down you’ll find the gelateria on your left. It has 150 flavors of gelato and mousse, not to mention a great selection of candy, wrapped around the store! It was pretty mind-blowing, but with the crowd in there I just got my signature tiramisu flavor (sorrynotsorry). The flavors are separated into dessert and fruit flavors for the gelato with a decadent mousse selection to the side. It’s a definite go-to in Rome!

Tomb of Raphael, the artist
Dome ceiling of the Pantheon
Inside the Pantheon
Trevi fountain and its crowd
150 flavors at Gelateria Della Palma!!!! Wrapped around the store!
Walking around
On Saturday I felt like I had seen most of Rome and stayed the majority of the day in my hostel, relaxing, uploading pictures and updating my blog, and packing for the next day. Saturday evening I met with family friends who were also in Rome for a few days (small world) and we went out for dinner! It was great seeing familiar faces and having a little piece of home after so many months.
On Sunday I was able to go to the Easter mass at St. Peter’s – and wow was it packed! The basilica wasn’t letting people inside so the square was crazy. I meant to get there earlier but the guy at my hostel’s reception desk didn’t know the password to the computer so he couldn’t print off my boarding pass, so I had to run around the city for a while looking for a place and got there only an hour before it started, which cost me a good spot. Either way I got to see the Pope! Great and interesting way to end the week.
The guy in the middle with the white cap.
The Pope in the man in the middle, under the cross.

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