Beaches of New Caledonia

I’ve got another informative and enticing guest post on the lovely island of New Caledonia by Roxana, an adventure loving traveler from Sydney who’s worked in the travel industry as an freelance alternative Sydney tour guide for almost two years. She’s also a blogger/editor at and


As the holiday season is coming soon, you need to decide what it is that you want to visit. If you are looking for perfect sun-bathed beaches with intimate atmosphere, search no more, book a holiday in New Caledonia. This place is regarded as a UNESCO World Heritage site due to its outstanding natural beauty you definitely need to explore.

How to get there?

Aussies are lucky to live in the vicinity of such a wonderful place. There are 12 flights a week from Australia to Noumea and it will take you 4 hours from Melbourne, less than 3 from Sydney and as much as 2 from Brisbane.


Noumea beaches

These beaches have been well-known for their perfect waters and soothing atmosphere. Once you land at Noumea airport you will hardly resist immediately running towards its picturesque sights.

Baie des Citrons is the busiest beach in Noumea, but the waters are so calm and clear that you will not mind the people whizzing by. It is perfectly safe because of the peaceful sea and a lot of lifeguards patrolling around the coast.


Anse Vata Beach is for the ones seeking a bit of adrenaline. It is placed at a creek and it stretches over the entire Anse Vata bay. Due to its harsh prevailing winds, only experienced swimmers should get into the waters. However, it is perfect for surfing and stand up paddle boarding, the sports Aussies are in love with. Still, you will hardly resist visiting this magnificent place. You could purely relax by having a picnic with friends or sunbathing.


Magenta beach is perfect for a day trip with friends. It is placed near the road towards the airport so it is ideal for the last day out there. There are a lot of barbecue facilities and picnic tables.


Kendu beach is ideal for intimate holidays. It is covered in sand and not many tourists come here. The locals love this beach because of its calming atmosphere and a lack of dozens of people. It is ideal for romantic couples who want to enjoy themselves.


Loyalty Islands

If you are thinking about seeing as much of New Caledonia you can you should definitely include Loyalty Island on your list. However if you do not feel confident enough that you will pick the right destinations out, go for New Caledonia packages which have everything sorted out by professionals.

What you should see is Lifou which has a lot of sheltered bays and colourful coral reefs brimming with tropical fish. There are a lot of secluded beaches and ancient caves you should explore. Whichever beech you choose you will be pleasantly surprised by its lack of people and noise, you will only enjoy the magnificent waves and let your body and mind unwind.


Ouvea is famous for its 25 km long beach. The turquoise lagoon seems to be infinite, and there is no better place to relax than at a natural wonder called Ouvea. It is one of the six areas in New Caledonia listed in UNESCO World Heritage. The vast wildlife will leave you amazed. As you stroll by the beach you are likely to see the endemic Ouvea parrot.


If you are thinking about a perfect holiday by lovely beaches without many people and noise, New Caledonia’s intact nature is just about what you need. Whether you are feeling like spending an unforgettable summer with your friends having a barbecue or picnic by the beach, surfing alone or going on a romantic holiday at a secluded beach, New Caledonia offers everything.

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