Learning to Love Secunderabad

Over Christmas in 2015 I visited my mom’s side of the family in Secunderabad (Telagana, India). I hadn’t been since I was 12 years old so was quite overdue for a visit! We went up to Agra and saw the Taj Mahal and explored a little bit of Delhi, which was actually the first time in my seven visits that we’ve ever gone sightseeing outside of Secunderabad/Hyderabad. Seeing these fantastic places was wonderful and a dream come true but the best part of the trip was experiencing my other-side-of-the-world home town as an adult. Read more

Exploring New Dehli’s Dilli Haat Market and More

While we were in India this past December we took a quick weekend to visit the Taj Mahal. Now, the best way to do that is fly into New Delhi and drive the 3.5 hours to Agra. We spent two nights in New Delhi to visit friends of my mom’s and in between we took the day trip.

Our short time in New Delhi was well spent between shopping and quick sightseeing. Getting into the city in the morning, we met up with my mom’s friends and they took us to the wonderful shopping market of Dilli Haat. To say the least, it’s pretty much a tourist’s dream. There must have been a couple hundred stalls of fabric, pillow cases, purses, sculptures, clothes, scarves, and more. It was pretty amazing. We even had a fantastic lunch of several north Indian curries, biryani, and naan bread. Read more

Women’s Essentials for India

Last month I got back from my first trip to India as an adult. My mom’s family is from there and we always went as kids, but I hadn’t been back since I was twelve and it was my first time packing for myself to India. As a woman I know there are different things we have to think of than men when we pack our suitcases and India is one of those countries to be very wary of what you’re bringing along. For example, even though it’s usually pretty hot, you can’t wear shorts or tank tops. Here’s my short list of women’s essentials for India! Read more

A Trip to the Taj!

My last trip of 2015 took me to India to spend Christmas with my mom’s side of the family. I haven’t been back to India since I was twelve years old so I was long overdue for a visit!

As kids my mom always took us back every few years for at least a couple months at a time, but this got harder as we advanced in school. We also never did any tourism around the country since the point of the trips were always to spend time together with the family. Now that we’re adults we finally went to see the Taj Mahal! I’m actually glad we waited until now and didn’t go as kids as I can fully appreciate it as an adult. Read more

8 Reasons Why Nobody Should Ever Visit India

I would like to finally announce that I’m going to be heading back to India this December for a family vacation! It’s been about 13 years since I last visited, and I’m really excited to see how I’ll experience it as an adult. I’ll be there for (only) 10 days, during which time we plan on going up north to Agra and visiting the Taj Mahal. My family will be doing more traveling but I have to get back to work here at home, so I guess I’ll be planning another trip in a couple years time. When I tell people I’m going to India I get mixed reactions; some people are interested and jealous while others seem to shudder. A lot of Westerners feel no desire to venture past Europe into Asia, least of all to India. So what exactly is so great about India? Well, I’ve put together a little list of what makes India not so great. Read more

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