Amazing Weekend at Altina Wildlife Park

Griffith, New South Wales, Australia

This past weekend was AMAZING!! We hopped in the car and drove five hours from Melbourne to Altina Wildlife Park in Griffith in New South Wales, run by one of our cousins. A sanctuary for many of Australia’s endangered species, we visted each animal personally and even went inside the Marmocet cage! Altina takes guests on tour by appointment and we had to wait until the last tour was over before our cousin took us around. 

On the way up to Griffith we stopped at a farmers’ market and walked around for an hour. The best part was finding the wild koala in the trees! It looks like a big lump and you have to look veeeery closely to see it, but you can make out the furry body. It didn’t move at all!

Later in the day we got to Altina Wildlife Park and met up with our cousin, C. He drove us in his truck throughout the park and it was like a wild safari ride!

A bongo, very endangered.

Maned wolf

Timmy the lion


Later in the evening we made a bonfire at the river bend that ran through the park and roasted up hamburgers and sausages. When we kept very quiet we heard the lions roaring from their cages in the background.

One of the thousands of eucalyptus trees

Nothing better.

We spent the rest of the evening driving more throughout the park and seeing more animals.

Ready for the ride!
“Well, the animals have to eat, too.” 

Carrying a six month old wombat

A real life black swan! They don’t have too many white ones in Australia.

The naughty marmocet monkeys! We got to go inside their cage!

They were jumping all over us!

One monkey had just used my head as a trampoline!

Outside the lion’s cage – he was pacing back and forth!

Feeding the hyena the lovely animals parts from the truck – you could hear the crunches as it bit through the horse’s tail!

Sitting by the bonfire with the family.

We rented a small cabin for the night and this was the morning view!

This weekend was simply amazing and unlike anything I’ve experienced before! I’m lucky to have family that are so loving and willing to go the extra step for us. So far Australia has been nothing short of wonderful thanks to them!

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