Paris from a Different Perspective

Today I’ve got a guest post from Nicole Noel, a lifestyle blogger atHighStyleLife You can find her on twitter and FB.

Since I can remember, Casablanca was my favorite movie. I can’t clearly remember when was it that I saw it for the first time, but my earliest memory of it was the famous Humphrey Bogart’s “We will always have Paris.” Of course, I was too young to even know what or where Paris was, but even then I knew that it had to be a place like no other. Years later, as I grew and learned more and more about it, I found that all my initial assumptions were true. Read more

Paris: The City of Exhaustion

Paris, France

On Wednesday and Thursday this week I spent some time in Paris and was so exhausted the whole time. On Wednesday, after coming back from Florence just a few hours earlier, I had to leave my Rome hostel by 4AM to catch my 6:40AM flight with the lovely airline RyanAir. From the Paris airport I had to take an hour-long bus ride just to get to the edge of the city and was dead tired by the time I got there – and my day hadn’t even begun. After realizing that my Paris hostel was on the other side of the city, it took me a couple hours to get situated and into my hostel and by the time I even started exploring, it was 3:30 in the afternoon and the day was already half over. Thankfully I got a tour bus outside of the Eiffel and was able to see the general sites around the city. But after spending so much money on just getting there and food (everything was soooo expensive!) and being so tired all day, I was desperate to get back to my hostel and sleep! Unfortunately, while charging my camera that night, the battery fell between the wall and the bed! It took me forever for me to realize that the storage crate under the bed could come out completely, so I eventually pulled out my camera battery with a sigh of relief.

Anyway, the first day was just spent running around Paris to see everything I could before I passed out at night. The second day was dedicated solely to the Louvre museum, and good thing, too, because I spent about 4 hours there and was exhausted before I even arrived. I saw all the great paintings and sculptures, like the Mona Lisa, the Winged Victory, and even the Venus de Milo and was very ready to leave at about 1PM.

With several hours to go until my bus to the airport left, I walked from the Louvre to my bus station, which was across the city and good two-hour walk if you took it slowly like I did. On the way I grabbed a nutella and whipped-cream crepe, some lunch, and then a pistachio macaroon. I walked up the Via Nazionale (??), which is a huge main street with all the shops on it, and I even found a bag in H&M that I really wanted, but I had only one bag to carry on and didn’t have 100 more euros to spare to buy it. Next time 🙂

National Opera Hall
Lover’s Bridge over the Seine river
Every inch of the fence was covered in locks!
 Had to be like Quasimodo to take a picture of the Notre Dame

Inside Notre Dame

Doing the memorial service for the tomb of the unknown soldier at the Arch de Triumph 

Best french onion soup ever
AMAZING creme brulee!

The Eiffel tower does a light show every hour in the evenings – it was really cool!
Day 2, at the Louvre

Venus de Milo!

Winged Victory
Crown of Louis 15th

Such a crazy crowd!

The Three Graces


Code of Hammurabi
Nutella/whipped cream crepe!

Pistachio macaroon – won’t be having these again as the colors turn me off.
Staircase inside Swarovski
Under the Arch de Triumph
Tomb of the Unknown Soldier


  • Try a macaron
  • Crepes with Nutella
  • Louvre (duh, but devote at least a morning and afternoon to this. And buy your tickets in advance!)
  • Bus tour for sure!
  • Climb to top of Arch de Triumph for a great view
  • Lover’s Bridge. You can buy a cheap lock on the bridge itself for a few euros.
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