Two hours in Bucerias

If your favorite thing to do on vacation is to shop, then Bucerias should be your first stop on the way to your resort in Puerto Vallarta. Close to the airport and downtown, Bucerias is crawling with vendors, many of them slimy and over-complimenting in order to dig into your pockets, but you might find some real gems. From jewelry to dining ware to the typical shot glass you can barter your way and get a good haul for less than $30.

During our Funjet Fam Trip in Puerto Vallarta we just stopped here for a couple hours during our free time. It’s within 10 minutes from our hotel, the Riu Jalisco. Aside from shopping there isn’t really much to discuss about my time there. It was hard to walk around without the vendors calling you into their shops because they had “exactly what I was looking for” and of course, how convenient, they were having a sale that day. I really had to barter but got some good deals eventually. I suppose another way to think about it is that they probably need the money a lot more than I do.

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