uTalk by EuroTalk: A Handy New Language App & Giveaway!

Hey guys! I’m a huge advocate for learning a second language. In high school I studied German for a couple years before turning to Spanish in college and becoming very… intermediate in that and living in Spain for a year. While living in Spain I bounced around Europe, of course, but missed out on Germany and lately I’ve been wanting to pick it up again. When I came across uTalk, I knew it would not only be a fun opportunity to review a new language learning app but a good way to pick up German again.

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My Favorite Beauty/Body Products to Travel With

I’m not much of a makeup girl (although I do love me some bright lipstick). Typically, I could easily go days without makeup if I didn’t have any plans or didn’t have to go to work. My daily routine consists of moisturizing my face, covering up my raccoon eyes with a few swipes of concealer, and adding eyeliner and mascara to my top lids only. I wouldn’t even know where to start with contouring or a smoky eye; I only apply bronzer and eye shadow a few times per year, to be honest. The nice thing about an easy beauty routine is that when I travel, I can just pick out my go-tos and throw them in my makeup bag. It takes me all of five minutes to get ready! Below are the products that I swear by, easy to carry and travel with, and they’re all inexpensive (besides one).

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My Latest Travel-Accessory Items

I hate it when I don’t have any travel plans coming up. Like right now – I’m super busy at work and there’s no way that I can take any kind of vacation anytime soon. That’s fine – I’d rather travel in the summer months when our agency is in its slow season but that doesn’t stop me from looking into new luggage or perusing the map section at Barnes and Noble. Read more

Travel Product Review: Durable Waterproof Travel Document holder

Hi all! I recently bought a travel document holder on Ebay to help control all my documents when I travel. If you’re okay with making online purchases in foreign countries, this might be something to consider. I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to buy one, but on my recent trip to Cancun I noticed that all my papers were kind of all over the place and separate from my passport so I wanted to see what options I had to be more organized. I came across a holder similar to this and figured for just a few bucks it makes sense and I’ll give it a try – naturally I got the fuchsia pink 🙂

What really drew me to purchasing it was the waterproof characteristic. That just about trumps all the others since I’m prone to spilling and the last thing I need is for my passport and papers to get soaked. Honestly the first thing I did was run it under water for a second when I unwrapped it and it did seem pretty waterproof. It has a plastic lining on the inside so it was pretty dry.

I also really like that it has a pen holder, which I always seem to forget to bring with. That way I can just keep it all in one spot and not lose it.

I wrote my name and contact information in permanent marker on the inside, too. One con is that it doesn’t have an actual slot in which I can stick an identification card or something, but I suppose writing in permanent marker is a little safer.

Another con is that it’s a little tough to open and shut. The zipper doesn’t seem to work very well with the design. I haven’t had any true problems with this, however, when it’s really stuffed with papers I can see how it might become an issue.

Anyway next Monday I’m off to see some of the Sandals/Beaches resorts and will be using this lovely document holder for the first time! I’ll be sure to update my review after I get back!


Yep, this document holder was pretty awesome. It had a pocket for everything and more! I do wish it had a longer zipper strap since I did find it a little tough to zip up, but I actually thought it got easier the fuller it got. And I had a large wad of singles in there so it was nice that it worked out! I would recommend buying this if you, like myself, tend to dig around for the important documents and your passport!

Travel Tip Tuesday: JOBY Gpod Mini Magnetic Flexible Tripod

If there’s anything a solo-traveler with a basic point-and-shoot camera absolutely needs, it’s one of these babies.

I discovered it somehow online and immediately bought one. Not only do the legs easily grip around or stand firmly on most items, its magnetic feet stick hard to metals so my Sony Cybershot is safe even on a windy bridge. PLUS it’s so small and light weight that I just throw it in my purse. My family was very impressed while on our recent trip to Australia when we didn’t even to ask any random strangers to take our pictures – I simply screwed this little guy into my camera, put on the timer, and stuck it to a metal pole. There is a longer version but I like to travel as light as possible. They even have an attachment for your iPhone, believe it or not!

Go and buy this before your next trip!

Travel Tip Tuesday: Rick Steves’ Audio Europe App

It’s a goal of mine to spread the word about any travel tip, and with Rick Steves being an idol of mine, I have to talk about his app, Rick Steves’ Audio Europe.

As my iPod touch is a first generation, its programming isn’t compatible with the actual application, but all the same audio tours are also available on podcast, so any iPod is compatible. Anyway, this app has information and audio tours of all the major cities, museums, historic landmarks that are famous to tourists, including the Colosseum, Sistine Chapel, Louvre, and so much more. I used this app on my iPod nano, the kind that clips on to your belt/bag/what have you, and I walked around Vatican City, Paris, Florence, and more with a smile on my face because I was getting the best tour possible, and I didn’t have to bother with other people! And the best part is that this app and the podcasts are all free! Normally you have to pay for a tour but with this you can learn all about where you are on your own time!

Travel Tip Tuesday: Rick Steves’ All 100 Shows DVD set

Christmas has long come and gone, and I’m still super excited about my favorite gift last year.

So far I have spent hours watching Rick Steves’ tour guide expertise throughout Europe, in places I visited during my study abroad stint as well as places I will visit next time. I highly recommend purchasing this set if you have the travel bug like I do! They take you behind-the-scenes and show you how they script the episode, bloopers, and their three-man travel crew. It really is amazing how good the quality is when the episode is only written the day before it’s filmed.
Often times, especially during holidays, they offer significant discounts as well. You can get the set here, along with other single-city/country DVDs and other types of sets.
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