Exploring Madison, WI’s State Street

I’ve lived in Wisconsin for most of my life and while I’ve been to Madison, the capital, it has only been to visit relatives and never to explore the city. My sister goes to college there (one of the top US colleges – the University of Wisconsin) and my mom and I went to pick her up after her semester ended.

One of the most famous parts of Madison is its State Street – right in the heart of the city and leading up to the capitol. It’s one of those places you immediately fall in love with: the street is aligned with charming shops and delicious restaurants, and the college-town energy is infectious. Plus, you get a wonderful view of the capitol right from the street!

We ate lunch at Tutto Pasta and had arguably the best pasta that I’ve eaten in a long time. I had the signature Tutto Pasta dish, called just that, which is bowtie pasta tossed with chicken in a creamy tomato sauce. It was really good but I’m not a big meat eater so I pushed the chicken aside (sorrynotsorry).

My sister's dish at Tutto Pasta
My sister’s dish


Pesto pasta and Salmon - Tutto Pasta
My mom’s pesto pasta and salmon
Tutto Pasta's signature dish - Tutto Pasta!
The signature dish – “Tutto Pasta”
Tiramisu at Tutto Pasta
The homemade tiramisu!

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After stuffing your face at Tutto Pasta or any of the other fine restaurants you can walk up and down State Street and spend your money at the wonderful shops! I bought a new Swell thermos at Madison Modern Market, stopped inside Soap Opera, and poked around a nifty little kitchen-supply store where I bought a little bowl with pigs painted on it! 🙂

There’s a lot more to Madison that I’m hoping to explore this summer, as well as getting to see more of State St. I picked up some great brochures and I noticed that the Triangle Market across Tutto Pasta gives out free tours…? Might be something worth trying.

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