Un fin de semana en Fene y Carnaval!

Fene, Galicia, Spain
Ferrol, Galicia, Spain

This past weekend I went to my roommate’s house to visit them and to go out for Carnaval, which is like a week of Halloween-related activities with costumes and partying, but minus the candy. My roommate lives in Barrallobre, a small section of Fene, but we went out in the nearby town of Pontedeume. We spent 4 nights there as our university was closed on Monday and Tuesday for the Carnaval festival and I didn’t have to work either! I had a wonderful weekend and can’t wait to visit them again in May. 🙂

Héber & I, freezing in the cold while waiting for Gabriela! 

Everyone dressed up in costumes!

Turned around and my worst nightmare came true…

… until we went to take a picture with them. The red-haired one followed me all over the place but I couldn’t look at it!


A witch, a Grease girl, and a princess 🙂
Having fun with funky glasses at Héber’s family lunch 🙂

Historic military castles and trenches in Ferrol

Ferrol, Galicia, Spain

My roommate’s dad took me to the history military castles and trenches located on the entrance of the ocean inlet into Ferrol. Ferrol is one of the most important military port towns in all of Spain, and these castles and trenches were pretty serious! I saw Castillo de la Palma and Castillo de San Filipe (the two castles on either side of the entrance to the ocean inlet), Montefaro (military fort), Monasterio de Santa Catalina (where nuns lived – now a military building) and the town of Mugardos. It’s hard to explain each thing here, so you can look at the descriptions of the pictures.

Castillo de la Palma (Palm Castle)

Palm plant outside the Castillo de la Palma
Castillo de la Palma (deck) and Castillo de San Filipe (far left)
Castillo de la Palma
Castillo de San Filipe
Entrance into ocean from Ferrol
Entrance into Ferrol from ocean
Guarding the Monastero de Santa Catalina
Monasterio de Santa Catalina
This is actually really interesting – from what I understood, a pig and a bear were symbols of two different noble families in the area. This pig is outside the main building of the Monasterio de Santa Catalina.
Main building of Monasterio de Santa Catalina – The first floor was for horses and other animals, the second for kitchen and living areas, and the third for the nuns – each window represents one room for each nun used for prayer and meditation.
Montefaro – old military fort
Beautiful view of the ocean from Montefaro
Kind of hard to see, but the darkest tower that’s off to the right is the Torre de Hercules – a 2000 year old lighthouse built in the Roman era.
Within the trenches of Montefaro
Within the trenches of Montefaro
Looking into a living area for soldiers back in the day
One last stop in the town of Mugardos – so beautiful!

Some beautiful stuff around Fene!

Another couple of busy days! On Saturday my roommate and I went around Fene in the evening for a drive. We went to a small port that was really pretty and I saw a typical Spanish cemetery. It was so different from ours in the US. It was surrounded by walls and all the tombs were above the ground. And, more strangely, the walls were actually stacked tombs! Very different than the US but really interesting.
Typical cemetery here with the tombs above the ground. See the walls across? Those are actually tombs stacked on top of each other!
On Sunday we went to a small festival called Festa de Requexio. I’m not sure what requexio is – I think it’s a type of cheese – but the festival was fun and had a bunch of vendors and we ate some yummy ice cream :). Between the festival we went to one of my other roommate’s houses for lunch with her family and stuffed ourselves with 4 courses of food – the first was a chickpea stew, the second was called croquetas, which seemed like delicious mushy chicken nuggets, the third was rice with meat sauce, and for dessert we had homemade flan that I could have eaten all day 🙂
Later for lunch my roommate’s mom made paella and let me watch – so now I have the recipe! 🙂 Paella is a typical Spanish dish of rice, meat, seafood, and vegetables – kind of like a Spanish jambalaya. It’s delicious and one of my family’s favorites.

Paella – a traditional Spanish dish with rice, meat, seafood and veggies!
In the evening we went to playa Valdoviño in the town of Valdoviño. It’s an ocean beach and of course I had to collect some sand for my jars at home… a free souvenir :). We drove up to the top of a big old hill and looked over to one of the most prettiest views of the town and beach together. So beautiful. Then we drove to my roommate’s family’s farm and picked and ate fresh apples and peaches off the trees and brought back a bunch of bags of fruit home.

Playa Valdoviño

Town of Valdoviño

Helloooo America! Suckers 🙂
I suppose that’s all for now! ¡Adios!
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