Muros, a 2-hour long day-trip.

Muros, Spain

Yesterday, Jess, Katie and I spent the day going back and forth in the bus to Muros. I say that because we literally spent more time on the bus than we did in the actual city. Muros is a little (and I mean little) port town on the edge of Galicia (as are all of them, I suppose). There wasn’t really anything to do, but we aim to see more of Galicia and basically just find a new city to see every once in a while. We got there around 2PM and had some lunch, which were just typical sandwiches (although Jess had a curry chicken sandwich, which means they get curry paste around here, which I haven’t been able to find). It was probably a pointless trip and we were ready to go pretty soon (especially when some creep yelled, “Love you baby” at us from his car from 6 feet away and said he’d come back). But at least I got some pretty pictures thanks to my sharp new camera!

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