Ich bin im Zürich!

Zürich, Switzerland
Lucerne, Switzerland

This weekend I was finally able to visit my lovely cousin Juliet and her husband Simon in SWITZERLAND! I can honestly say that I never thought I would ever in my life go to Zürich (not because I didn’t want to, but it just seems like such a fantasy land that I could never reach it) but went I did. Most unfortunately, as it is in most cases of my life this year, it rained ALL weekend and I wasn’t able to see barely one single mountain, which is what Switzerland is known for!

So on Friday, since it was raining from the moment I had woken up in their flat, I decided that I would sleep in nicely and get my own start in the morning. Both Juliet and Simon were busy until the evening so I had the entire day to walk around Zürich in the rain on my own. So I ventured to the tram stop and chose my 24 hour pass card. I went to put in my credit card but it wasn’t accepting it, and so I decided this machine clearly only took bills, which meant I had to find an ATM. I found a bank a few blocks down the street and the ATM gave me a 100 franc note, the minimum (just want to mention how pretty and colorful the Swiss francs are!). So I stood in the bank line for a little bit and the guy gave me ten ten’s. I happily made my way back to the tram stop only to realize that the ticket machine not only didn’t take my card but didn’t take bills either – just coins (note: the 10 franc is the smallest note). So I had to trudge all the way back in the rain to the bank again to get some coins and was finally able to buy my tram ticket and get to the city. I was so happy to discover at the end of the day that nobody even checked my card.

Anyway, I mainly just walked around the city, snapping pictures and pretending to be a good photographer. Even though the weather was bad I could understand how Zürich could be a beautiful place – with a river running through the small city spilling out into a lake surrounded by snowy mountains. I walked around for the afternoon, appalled by the insane prices (10.30 francs for my Starbucks mocha and cookie!!!!!!) and pleased by the fashion (people NOT wearing skinny jeans for once, meaning that it’s still acceptable in other countries).

The city was easy to navigate and it was so fun hearing all the German language – brought me back to my high school German classes *sniff sniff*. At one point some guy came up to me trying to sell something in German, so I pointed to myself and said, “Español,” clearly indicating that I didn’t understand him and to leave me alone, but my plan backfired once he said, “No pasa nada!” and continued to harass me in Spanish with whatever his product was. Normally in Spain I pull the Deutsch card but that wouldn’t work in Switzerland so I just kept walking and eventually shook him off.

For lunch I went to a bratwurst stop that Juliet recommended and ordered a plain, juicy brat, expecting to see my beloved brat wrapped in soft bread and covered with ketchup and mustard. I was pretty surprised when all they gave me was a giant sausage wrapped in paper (uhh…) and a grunt indicating to pick my own bread and mustard cup. So basically what you had to do was dip the sausage into the mustard (which was so spicy that it cleared my sinuses) and break off bits of bread as you go. It was a very strange way to eat a brat in comparison to how I’m used to it, but I’m a fan.


A beautiful little fountain I found , filled with floating flower heads.

Inside one of the churches… we weren’t supposed to take pictures, shhh.

On Saturday, Juliet and I went to the nearby city of Lucerne. It was chilly and I had to borrow Simon’s winter coat, but it didn’t rain and we could smell the fresh mountain air all day, but without actually seeing the mountains. Lucerne, like Zürich, has cute architecture that just seems very Swiss. And like true Indians although neither really from India, we nommed on a masala dosa and a thali for lunch between walking around the city. For dessert we stopped at a local favorite bakery that was packed to the brim with people eating pastries and cakes, and I had strawberry shortcake and tea. Later that evening we went to their friend’s 30th birthday and had many wonderful little hors’devours (you know what I mean). I especially enjoyed one that had some kind of goat cheese covered in fig jam on a little piece of toasted bread.

On Sunday morning I had to go rather earlier, around 10, but first we had a delish breakfast of nutella and banana crepes, courtesy of Juliet. I later had to spend SIX hours at the dratted Madrid airport, which is the story of my life, but am happy I was able to go at all! I had a wonderful weekend, and next up, Barcelona!

On the train to Lucerne.

On bike-climbing thing?


Antique shop?

A very old bridge.

Get in mah belly!

The Dying Lion


Juliet and I scarfing down our cakes 🙂

Wow, my hair is long!
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