I Went Skydiving! … And What to Know for Your First Jump

Sooo I kinda did something crazy recently… I WENT SKYDIVING!! It all started with trying to find something unique for my boyfriend’s birthday gift in June, and I casually asked him one day if he’d ever go skydiving (“Heck yeah I would!”) and there we were! I picked Skydive Midwest for their awesome reviews, and the fact that they were only an hour away.

Being first timers we did tandem jumping, which is when an instructor is on your back. We got there around noon, an hour before our jump was scheduled. It was a sunny afternoon and visibility was going to be amazing! I wasn’t nervous for some reason – mostly excited. We ate the sandwiches we packed as to not jump on an empty stomach later on. Read more

Tinggly Experience at 360 Chicago!

Last weekend I did my first Tinggly experience and visited 360 Chicago with my wonderful boyfriend Max! We were in town for a night for the Foo Fighters concert (dream come true!) at Wrigley Field and I wanted to try out my new partnership with Tinggly.

So what is Tinggly?

Instead of buying physical items for the traveler in your life, buy them a Tinggly voucher, which will entitle them to any experience they have available in the entire world! I recently visited the John Hancock Observatory in Chicago, now known as 360 Chicago! Just like how one can go up to the top of the Empire State Building to get a view of NYC, you can now visit 360 Chicago and get a view of Chicago from the 94th floor! Because this particular Tinggly experience is for two people, I was able to bring my boyfriend along as well. Read more

Announcing My Ambassadorship with Tinggly!

What’s the perfect gift that you can give the travel-lover in your life? The one who you know doesn’t want to be bogged down with stuff, but you don’t quite just want to give them plain old money either. What if you could buy a tour or another fun experience for them while they’re out adventuring? Sounds great, but you don’t know what to do! The perfect solution is Tinggly – a company that organizes tours and experiences around the world, all wrapped up in one price tag for you. I’m so excited to now be part of this amazing company, even if it’s just a small way by reviewing experiences and offering new ideas. It’s pretty cool being called an ambassador, though 🙂 Read more

Tequila tasting and a mini-tour of downtown Puerto Vallarta

During my Funjet Mega Fam trip to Puerto Vallarta in late February we went on a tour to Mamá Lucia, a tequila factory run by the Leyva family in Mismaloya. To get here you take a lovely bus trip around the mountain area which provides gorgeous views of the bay and lush greenery. Our guide was one of the youngest family members and he seemed almost too young to educate us about tequila, but he certainly knew his stuff. First, the agave plant has to almost come out of the ground, showing its large root called the “pineapple” because of its resemblance to the fruit. The root is then roasted, smashed, and fermented. Some of the tequila is aged for fifteen years before being distributed. We tried several different kinds and even in many flavors, such as almond and even a condensed milk-type flavor which was very nice to sip. I had no idea that tequila comes in so many forms! Read more

Whale Photo Safari with Vallarta Adventures!

During my Funjet Mega Fam trip to Puerto Vallarta, we had the opportunity of going on a humpback whale watching trip with Vallarta Adventures. At first I wasn’t really into the idea – I would have rather spent some time in town – but once we were in the boat I was ready to go! Read more

Azul Fives stay and tour of Tulum Mayan ruins

I have been anxiously waiting to write this post all week but am just getting to sit down with it right now! I recently got a job at a fantastic travel agency in Wisconsin and am loving it! My boss believes that the best way to learn is by doing, so she courteously sent me to Cancun, Mexico to attend the Mark Travel Corp Summit, which is a three-day long conference on everything the Mark Travel Corp has to offer. They are partnered with Funjet Vacations, Southwest Vacations, TNT Vacations, Blue Sky, and United Vacations. We sell a lot of their product in our agency and have a great partnership with them, so I was thrilled to attend the conference! And what a fantastic company they are – it’s a family-run company that clearly supports and invests in their travel agency. They put on a great conference for us all and had fantastic evening entertainment at the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun and another night with a fabulous Vegas-themed party to which they flew in actual celebrity impersonators and Vegas show girls! Read more

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