Hipmunk Hotels: Chilled Out Hotels in Gainesville, Panama City, and More

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Many vacationers in the United States head south during the summer months to the most southeastern state of Florida. Florida offers many exciting attractions to offer tourists during all parts of the year. With mild winters and sunny summers it’s no wonder it’s called “The Sunshine State.” If you want to spend some days chilling out in the sun and getting a tan, here are some good recommendations for laid back hotels.

Party the Day Away Near Panama City

Panama City is a great place to base yourself for family and college spring breaks. Panama City Beach, or “PCB” as young party goers like to call it is adjacent to Panama City. Panama City Beach is a stone throw away from Panama City and provides vacationers with amazing beaches.  For the younger crowd, there are a countless number of beach bars and clubs located on the strip.  If partying and drinking the day away is not your thing, try heading into the heart of Panama City and strolling around St. Andrews State Park for some peaceful time with nature.

Take a Break in Fort Myers Beach

Located on Florida’s Gulf Coast, Fort Myers provides visitors with fantastic beaches, surreal sunsets, and clear water. Known as a family destination, many visitors will flock here during spring break and the summer months to watch the waves roll in and listen to the sounds of the Atlantic Ocean.  To break away from the crowds head to the less populated Lovers Key State Park, located on Lover’s Key. However, expect many honeymoon lover’s on this white sand beach.

Fort Myers Beach Hipmunk


Relax in Jacksonville

The sunny state’s largest city has plenty of places to relax at. The city has a large bustling city center that will be sure to entertain visitors, but the cities largest appeal are the barrier islands and beaches one can chill out on. The first of the islands one should head to would be Amelia Island. If you’re looking to splash out and chill on a beautiful Florida beach then look no further than Fernandina Beach.

Catch Up on Your Sports in Gainesville

Gainesville is home to the Florida Gators or the University of Florida. If you’re headed here you’re likely ready to catch America’s greatest sport, at one of it’s best institutions for college football. There are numerous hotels to chill out here after all the day at the stadium or the something a little more relaxing such as the Butterfly Rainforest. Butterfly Forest features hundreds of different species of butterflies that is sure to impress anyone and make for a great escape.

Leaving Florida? Head to Bossier City

So you have spent all your time in Florida and getting ready to pack up your vacation? A great place to get a real taste of the Southern United States is Bossier City, Lousiana.  Bossier City is in the northwestern part of the state and is home to over 62,000 residents.   Visitors can promenade along the Red River and pick a good hotel to set base at while exploring the Barksdale Air Force Base followed by a night of fun in one of the cities four riverboat casinos.


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4 Specific Products I Always Keep in My Carry-On

It’s always advised to store your valuables in your carry-on bags, such as iPads, jewelry, and even medicines. But what about when your valuables are only valuable to you? For me, it’s my favorite tea, shampoo, neck pillow and eye mask, and perfume. While they may take up unnecessary room, I never trust these in my checked luggage because I’d go crazy if they got lost!

PG Tips Tea

I first discovered my love of PG Tips Tea (yes, specifically this brand) when I stayed with relatives in London. I was always a coffee drinker prior to that but since my first breath of life I haven’t turned back. I brought back a gallon bag full of tea with me to Santiago de Compostela, where I was living, and I haven’t turned back since! Nowadays I literally keep a little sandwich baggie full of tea in my suitcase and take it everywhere I go. I even brought it on my recent trip to India (I know, the land of delicious chai) as the thought of taking a chance of not having PG Tips available is awful. There’s nothing I look forward to more in the mornings than my cup of tea and this doesn’t change anywhere I go!

Lush’s Karma Komba Shampoo Bar

I’ve been a bug Lush fan for years, but specifically I need to keep the Karma Komba bar with me when I travel. It’s shampoo, it’s perfume, and it’s a spill-proof miracle all in one. I’ve had times where I think I’ll just use the hotel’s shampoo just to be disappointed and regretful that I didn’t bring my Lush along. The bars aren’t cheap, either, and this is the main reason why I’ll never risk putting it in my checked luggage with other toiletries.

Cabeau Memory Foam Neck Pillow and Earth Therapeutics Eye Mask

I don’t care about the amount of space this pillow takes up in my boarding bag; I never travel anywhere without my Cabeau pillow and Earth Therapeautics eye mask. I always wondered what was the secret to sleeping well on flights until I discovered this beautiful duo. The pillow has raised sides and locks securely in the front so I don’t get weird neck cramps in that stiff seat and the eye mask doesn’t press against my eyes and blacks out the bright airplane lights so it’s like I’m sitting in pitch darkness!

Acqua di Gioia Rollerball

I’m not too much of a perfume girl but I do love the scent of Acqua di Gioia, so even though I’m way too cheap to buy the big bottle version, their rollerball is what I toss in my boarding bag because it’s just such a perfect accessory. The only risk is it breaking, of course, but it seems to be a pretty solid bottle.

Aside from other basics, these are some of my most important items that I always travel with! They help me get through the stress of traveling and ease me into my new environment (especially the tea!). What specific items do you always take along on your travels?

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