Celebrating Independence at India Fest Milwaukee!

As many of you might know, my mom is from India and although we’re the white-est Indians in the world, the Indian culture is a pretty big part of our family. The food, the movies, the aunties and uncles… all of it! Nobody ever believes that we have anything to do with India, but genetics are a strange thing, I suppose.

Anyway, we recently heard about this year’s India Fest and naturally we made sure we were going to be there! While Milwaukee is known for its MANY summer festivals as well as the Wisconsin State Fair, I’m not usually too excited as it pretty much just means hot weather, big crowds, and deep fried crappy food. I only go to Summerfest, for example, when there’s a specific band I want to see.

But India Fest is special! This year was their third, taking place at Humboldt Park, close to the MKE airport. We got there about half an hour after it started so the little kids were just beginning the parade in their costumes and the vendors were able to give us their full attention without the long lines. My sister and I shared pretty much all the food we got so we could save room for more! And we were so glad we did – we got full pretty quickly! We found bhel puri, chicken tikka masala, gulab jamun, jalebi, mango lassi, samosas… needless to say, we were licking our fingers (being careful not to smear the mehendi). Everything was awesome!




Starting the parade! AKA a bunch of cute kids dressed up in typical Indian fashion and following a beating drum.


Mmmm! Sharing Combo No. 3 from Bombay Sweets, a vegetarian restaurant/sweet restaurant close by and one of the vendors.



Awesome mehendi!

While we only stayed for a couple hours since it was a bit of a small festival, I can really see this growing over the years and becoming a big deal as it competes with other cultural festivals in Milwaukee with an already-established following. If you’re in the area next summer, I’d suggest looking it up! Plus, entry is free!

Thanks for a great time, India Fest!


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