Christmas in Spain!

Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain
Madrid, Spain

Max (finally) came to visit me in Spain during the week of Christmas! It was so great having a familiar face from home, and it was also pretty sweet that he brought with him all of the Christmas goodies 🙂 So we had a great week stuffing our faces with food from home and food from Santiago, as well as touring the Cathedral, various museums in Santiago, and La Coruña. It went by so quickly and I wish he could have stayed longer 🙁 It sucked having to say goodbye but I know we’ll see each other soon.

He’s here!! With a suitcase full of my stuff 🙂

Love this picture
A semi-tradition of putting locks on the cathedral gates 🙂
Max & Samantha (front)
Christmas 2012 (back)
So happy he’s here!
Our Christmas card!
First taste of chocolate and churros – he approved.
Christmas Mass at the Cathedral.

The old men bringing down the head of St. James.

The incense holder flying back and forth! I thought somebody was going to get hit by it for sure! The priests were pulling down on the end rope each time it went up to give it more of a swing. This went on for quite a long time!

The staircase inside the museum of the Galician people.
My very first attempt at a potato tortilla! It was mostly cooked 🙂
Trying to avoid the wind at the Torre de Hercules.
Beautiful day!
Hey there, good lookin’!
I loved all the graffiti under the bridge!
A quick night in Madrid before Max went home the next day!

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