Darwin: A Visit to Katherine Gorge

Katherine, Northern Territory, Australia
Today we took a day trip to Katherine Gorge, a truly gorgeous river system in the Northern Terrority about three hours south of Darwin. You might think that I’m sick of long journeys but I’m almost immune to them by now. Anyway, we did a boat tour of the gorge and enjoyed the serenity interrupted only by a few passing kayaks and wild crocodiles. There are also aboriginal paintings in some areas of the gorge, but they are a little tough to make out. We unfortunately missed our tour departure time by literally one minute (we had to use the bathroom, sorry!). Luckily we got a later tour but that meant missing out on the Cutta Cutta Caves nearby. Win some, lose some.
The trees near the gorge were FILLED with flying foxes! There must have been honestly about a thousand bats around.
Gorgeous gorge!
See it?
Thanks for the photo, random people sitting by me.
Beautiful cave

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