Eat Cheap While Abroad 101

Hey everyone! I’ve got a wonderful guest writer here today, Roxana! She’s worked in the travel industry as an freelance alternative Sydney tour guide for almost two years and is currently a blogger/editor at and She’s here to give us some tips on eating cheap while traveling!

Make peace with the fact that you will not be sampling the best cuisine ever if you want to save money. Eating out every day will drain your travelling budget. Not trying the local food is also out of the question if you want to understand the local culture. Therefore, a smart traveler balances the two and makes the most of the chances given on the road. Here are some traveler’s life hacks for cheap food that is still reasonably good.

Enjoying Street Food

It is always possible to hear some horror stories about people getting sick from the street food. There may be some truth in them, but for the most part, street food is great. If the road takes you to Eastern Europe, this is the best way to fill up for a cheap price. Moreover, their street food is awesome and it is actually an important part of their cuisine. In Greece, the same food that you can buy in the form of street food is several times more expensive when served in a restaurant. The only difference is that it is served on a plate. The same goes for Asia. Street food is authentic, delicious and very cheap.


Getting the Most of the Buffets

You will hardly find a five star cuisine in a restaurant that serves buffet. However, since the average price of the buffet is $5-10 (and in some places of the world even $3!) and most of them are all-you-can-eat, they make a very good option. Filling up in a buffet restaurant can keep you stuffed for a long time. That gives you several hours of exploring the new city before you head back to your accommodation where you can have a snack.


Hunting Down Restaurant Deals

Check out the touristic websites like for the places that you are going to visit. They’ll let you about the most affordable places to eat in town. A lot of cities have the tourist cards that you can purchase and that gives you the discounts at many places around the cities, including restaurants. There are also pay-in-advance options at websites like And don’t forget about numerous amazing apps that can help you locate restaurants that offer food discounts – some of them are you giving new members free $5-10 credits and some are giving out free wine!


Cooking Your Meals

This is not an option that can always work. You have to make sure that your accommodation has the kitchen that you can use. Once you get there, you need to figure out what sort of equipment is there in the kitchen. However, once you learn that, you can hit the markets and grocery stores and start preparing your own food. Advanced travel cookers can make serious meals, sandwiches, snacks – anything that they can take with them on sightseeing tours. Canned goods and frozen meals can be an option too, not a very healthy one though.


Using the tips and tricks to spend as little as possible on food does not mean that all your meals should be cheap. Treat yourself with a nice meal and a lovely restaurant where you will taste the delicacies of the local cuisine. All the money that you save should be spent somewhere, so a good idea is to treat yourself on your last day of your trip. It would make some very nice memories and mark your entire trip, making your experience of the city and country you visited even richer.


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