Eat, Tour, and Stay in Naples, Italy

Today I’ve got a guest post from Paolo, owner of the B&B al Centro Storico in Naples. If you’re planning on staying in Naples, send him an email or a message through Facebook. And also check out his blog – what’s better than getting information on Naples from someone based right in the city?

Are you a traveler or looking for a thrilling place for a getaway weekend? Many people, when asked this question, wonder exactly which place could be the best for their group to make sure they enjoy their holiday to the fullest. There are very many beautiful places to visit but I would recommend you give a trial to Naples, which is the walk of Italy. If you have been there, I know you would not mind paying it a visit once again or a thousand times. For a first timer, this is the place to be for your fiesta. Not to mention the greatest pizza, three eye-catching castles embedded together along a coastline, and other centuries-old buildings that were constructed in the 12th-century. 


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If you were to ask globally where the sweetest pizza is to be found, an Italian or a travelled person will tell you it is in Napoli. This is the place where the first pizza originated from. Some of the world’s best pizzas are prepared on Via dei Tribunal, which is a place recognized as a holy grail for anyone who loves pizza. There are other great things and exciting panorama in this place, but the most common thing to find and remember when the name Naples is mentioned is the kind of pizzas cooked there.

Once your stomach is full, you can now confidently tour the national archaeological museum and prepare your camera in advance to take countless photos. If you admire frescoes, mosaics, sculptures and other ancient treasures, then Pompeii should be your next destination. You will need to come the next day to take more photos as the Pompeii archaeological museum has extraordinary frescoes, Farnese, and Herculaneum. 

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For tourists looking to learn more about Greek culture and what they use today, then Naples has stock of all that. The Naples’ subterranean gems such as the Christian catacombs and pagan burial chambers will make your day active as you get to pass underground city. Before you now call it a day, your tour guide can take you through other UNESCO Heritage sites, other terrifying landscapes, and a walk near the port where one can see or ride a hydrofoil.

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Thus, if you are ready to see all these memorable sites and have one of the most beautiful moments of a lifetime, then begin that dream tour arrangement by making an online booking. Moreover, you can use your favorite search engine to get broader information on where to travel and the best destinations to make an online booking. It is good to know that prices differ with peak and off-peak season, so the earlier you book, the more advantageous your charges will be as many places offer their first clients a discount. Therefore, once you are ready to explore this unique place, you can find easily a B&B in Naples in the town centre.

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