Featured Blogger: Elena of Gone With the Backpack

This week we chat with Elena of Gone With the Backpack!

1. First of all, what are your website and social media links?

BLOG: http://gonewiththebackpack.blogspot.com/

FB:  https://www.facebook.com/gonewiththebackpack

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Gonewiththeback

StumbleUpon: http://www.stumbleupon.com/stumbler/Gonewiththeback


2. How did you come up with your website name?

I was a big fan of Gone with the wind and Scarlet as a child

3. What more can you tell us about your blog? What are your goals or intentions for it?

I always travelled a lot but in 2011 I quit my job and didn´t come back to Europe for 2,5 years. Since then I keep this blog so my family and friends can see the world through my eyes. But it started growing, and I started getting lots of emails from strangers and people who were planning to go to the places I´ve been already…Today my goal is to be able to travel with the money I make blogging

4. Can you provide us with a Throw Back Thursday picture of one of your favorite travel memories with an explanation?

unnamed (2)

I took the photo in French Polynesia where I was sailing for a few months. The island is called Ua Pou and is part of Marquesas islands group. These two girls were so cute and friendly and I after I left they kept waving and calling my name for ages..

5. Which are your favorite and least favorite cities you’ve traveled to? Why?

Favorite one..so many of them – El Bolson, Argentina; Melbourne, Australia; Sarajevo, Bosnia. Don´t know…felt I could live there for a while…

Least favorite are probably all the big cities in China, so polluted!

6. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Where?

Grasshoppers or fried cockroaches in Thailand…or maybe eating Suri worms in Iquitos, Peruvian Amazon (you eat them alive)…

7. Who are your travel idols?

No one famous…Random people I met travelling, travelers who don´t blog, who don´t need the social media and don´t have a watch, facebook or a cell phone

8. What’s your best travel tip?

Just go…there are always excuses and 1000s reasons not to leave but just go and everything will be just fine!

9. Which is your favorite post you’ve written? Please provide a link.


It´s about Uzbekistan, a country on the famous Silk Road that people know so little about. I was amazed by its beauty, majesty and history. Lots of history was written there by Alexander the Great, the Arabic Conquest, Genghis-Khan Conquest and lastly Tamerlane’s. The subway in Tashkent is like a museum, the food is pretty good and the hospitality and generosity of the people are limitless. I even went to a wedding there which was quite an experience.

10. What advice would you give to someone new to travel blogging?

The beginning is always hard, never know how to start, what domain to choose, all the social media madness…but little by little like everything else in life you get there J.

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  1. We both like Sarajevo…
    I haven’t read yr aricles abt the Balkans but reckon can tell u gave will to come here…greetings from Romania

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