Featured Blogger: Jessica from Miss Adventure Travel!

Hey peeps! This week I’ve got Jessica Hill from Miss Adventure Travel! Read on to learn more about this wonderful travel blogger and her adventures!

1. First of all, what are your website and social media links?

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/missadventuretravel
Twitter: @jessicajhill
Instagram: @missadventuretravel

2. How did you come up with your website name?

I knew before I hit the road that I was going to seek adventure travel opportunities, and that I was sure to have lots of misadventures, so I wanted to play on the idea of female adventure travel. Thus came MissAdventure Travel.

3. What more can you tell us about your blog? What are your goals or intentions for it?

My blog started out much like Samantha’s, as just a platform to share my photos and stories with friends and family back home, but grew into more. I had set out on a five-month adventure to teach English in Thailand, and ended up staying in Asia for a year and a half. My blog grew as my passion for travel and writing grew, and even when I returned to the States, I knew I wasn’t going to give any of it up. Then, as a result of my blog, a business opportunity landed in my lap, and I began Teach English: ESL, a TEFL agency where I recruit teachers to teach English in Thailand, and I sell TEFL certification courses in Thailand (Chiang Mai, Krabi, Bangkok), Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Chicago and online. The business allows me to continue traveling, writing, and helping others have the same amazing experiences that I share on my blog.

4. Can you provide us with a Throw Back Thursday picture of one of your favorite travel memories with an explanation?


#TBT to the time I got dressed up in Thai costume with my coworkers in Thailand! I was swept away to the beauty parlor where the ladies made me up to feel like Thai royalty. It was for the Loy Krathong holiday in Thailand (the festival of light), where they parade down the street and then light lanterns and send them up into the sky. It was a magical day!

5. Which are your favorite and least favorite cities you’ve traveled to? Why?

I always struggle with the question of favorites because there are just so many to choose, and for various reasons! I absolutely love Luang Prabang, Laos; San Francisco, USA; and Bend, USA (my newest hometown), to name a few. I love these cities for their charm, their diversity and their down-home vibe. Luang Prabang is special for it’s laid back quality, and Buddhist monks roaming the beautiful, temple-dotted streets. San Francisco blends all of my travel loves into one fabulous and gorgeous city. I love all the diverse neighborhoods, and it has beaches and mountains! And Bend is special for its proximity to nearly any outdoor adventure one can dream up. My least favorite is probably Guangzhou, China. There are just too many people, and despite a few cool neighborhoods, it lacks in charm.

6. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Where?

Turtle soup in Siem Reap, Cambodia. We had to choose our living, breathing, and pregnant tortoise before she was boiled to death in a pot of water! I still cringe looking back, and I’ve since written about the ethics of the situation for Emrys Journal, but at the time it was an amazing experience.

7. Who are your travel idols?

Since I’m also a writer of literary journalism, I’m inspired by those who’ve done so before me. I love Jon Krakaur (“Into the Wild” and “Into Thin Air”), Katherine Boo (“Behind the Beautiful Forevers”), and Cheryl Strayed (“Wild”) to name a few famous ones. I’m also obsessed with other bloggers who’ve found book success, including Lauren of NeverendingFootsteps.com (“How Not to Travel the World”) and Kim of So-many-places.com (“Life on Fire”).

8. What’s your best travel tip?

Trust your gut. Always. When you’re on the road, especially if you’re a solo female traveler, your gut instinct is the best tool you have to keep you on the right path. It always knows best.

9. Which is your favorite post you’ve written? Please provide a link.

I write a lot about facing our fears, since I think fear is what holds so many of us back from chasing our dreams. Here’s one on that: http://www.missadventuretravel.com/deciding-teach-english-abroad/

10. What advice would you give to someone new to travel blogging?

I can’t say I followed my own advice very well, but one thing I wish I’d done differently was have more of a niche topic. It’s best to keep your subject matter narrow, and to specialize in a certain kind of travel blogging. Also, try to tell a story that’s more than just “I went here and did this.” That’s key to not boring your readers!

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