Featured Blogger: Lost But Making Good Time

Hey everyone! Check out my latest travel blogger interview with Pam from Lost But Making Good Time!


1. First of all, what are your website and social media links?

Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/lostbutmakinggoodtime

Twitter (https://twitter.com/lostbutmkintime

Instagram (https://instagram.com/lostbutmakingoodtime/

Actual Site (http://lostbutmakinggoodtime.com/

Pinterest (https://www.pinterest.com/lstbutmkintime/


2. How did you come up with your website name?

My friend and I were pondering what a good name and I said I have no clue what I’m doing so he said “lost but making good time”. Now I laugh that is a double entendre

3. What more can you tell us about your blog? What are your goals or intentions for it?

The intentions of my blog were at first just an outlet to tell all my crazy travel stories. I’ve traveled more than some, and less than some but It seems without fail, I always do something silly while traveling. Maybe it’s that I feel free when traveling. Anyways, that was the point of the blog at first. I didn’t want to give tips on how to budget or get upgrades or eat or live. I can’t say I’ve done any of that. I wanted to give practical advice like “you may only be in this place one, try it all” or embrace your fears. Now I want my blog to be a place where people can go an relate to stories. I don’t know if I’ll ever be a source for real tips, but there will be plenty of philosophical advice and funny stories.

4. Can you provide us with a Throw Back Thursday picture of one of your favorite travel memories with an explanation?

2015-08-22 11.46.22-1

The throwback picture is the one of me under the American flag. That was taken in 2005 at the US Embassy in Florence. My purse was stolen in Rome as few days prior along with my camera, cell phone (borrowed from my father), my passport and my wallet with 15 days left in the trip. I have a fake Prada bag under my arm that all the girls on the trip bought me. The shirt I have on is all in Cyrillics and I haven’t been that tan in a decade. I am at the embassy picking up my temporary passport, which I still have.

5. Which are your favorite and least favorite cities you’ve traveled to? Why?

Ok this is such an evil questions (not to be rude). I have fallen in love with aspects of every city I’ve gone to. If I REALLY had to chose I would say Tignes, France or Zermatt Switzerland. Unlike the rest of the cities I’ve been to, these places feel modern yet forgotten in time. Sure there are plenty of people there but it’s quiet. Not as frantic. You can wake up to a sunrise over the mountains and what the sun fall at night. It’s just peaceful.

6. What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever eaten? Where?

I haven’t really been anywhere crazy “exotic” yet. So maybe Patte when I was in France?

7. Who are your travel idols?

I don’t really know if I have any travel idols. I watched Samantha Brown and Rick Steves growing up. My mom told me I should be like Brown. I think Bear Grylls is pretty cool. Anthony Bourdain is awesome but I’m not sure I have the balls to eat what he does.

8. What’s your best travel tip?

Earplugs. Always bring earplugs. You’ll never know when they come in handy. If you’re in a shared hostel room or the noise on the street is too much for you or the crying kid on the plane/train is driving you nuts. You can get a bottle of like 50 sets off amazon for like $5 put them in a zip lock baggie and you are SET!

9. Which is your favorite post you’ve written? Please provide a link.


10. What advice would you give to someone new to travel blogging?

Everyone out there writes for different reasons. And everyone has their own views. Don’t try to be everyone else. Be authentic. People relate to that more than anything. Find your unique angle and go with it.

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