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Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Well, I’m still here in Spain and am starting a new semester in the Philology faculty (the study of languages) instead of Psychology like last semester. It would be most impressive if all of my classes were in Spanish, but as I’m taking 4 classes this semester (and nothing seemed particularly interesting), 3 of my 4 classes are taught in English – whatever gets me a good grade, I guess. Not to worry as I only speak Spanish in my piso (apartment) so I’m definitely not losing out!

I’m taking classes on North American literature (yes, really), English literature (again, really), Spanish/English translation (aka Erasmus heaven), and a Cinema and Literature class. I don’t think I’ve ever actually taken any kind of literature since it was required in high school but I don’t completely hate it! Well, except my Cinema class in which the professor is old and grumpy and yells at us to stay in our correct discussion sections and talks at us without PowerPoint or ANYTHING visual during the entire class. This is the only non-English class I have and I have NO idea what’s going on there. 
The other thing that’s bittersweet about this semester is that it takes a solid half hour to walk to my faculty each day, which means a solid hour of walking four or five times a week. This is good because otherwise I wouldn’t bother even though I wasted 100 euros on a gym membership in September and never went (keep meaning to see if I can get some money back), but it’s also bad because I get to class sweating and smelling like I haven’t showered that morning (which is sometimes true).
I guess another thing that’s bittersweet is that Spain is full of super-crazy discounts at the moment. For example, I bought a pair of nice boots for only 20 euros and a pair of heels that I’ve wanted for forever for only 11 euros! There’s another pair I’ve seen lately but I need to pinch myself and remember that the 20 euros they costs equal a meal in Rome or even a night in a hostel and I can’t take too much back in my suitcase anyway. Waaah 🙁 I just want cute shoes 🙁

As homesick as I am, I have to say I’m loving it here lately. I definitely can’t wait to go home as it’s been 6 months since I left but I also can’t imagine boarding my Aer Lingus flight to go back home. I’m already thinking about how much I can pack into my suitcase and what I still need to buy to bring back home (liquor de café, tarta de Santiago, croquetas, etc.). I’m also planning my next trips this semester and will be out of town almost every weekend if it all goes right! Still need to make my way to Paris, Rome, London, Barcelona, Murcia, and back to Fene twice more. Oh and Dublin for the night on the way back home 🙂
I don’t have too much to update on in this post except that the weather hasn’t been so bad lately, meaning it only rained today out of the past few days! Now I might sound a little crazy here, but at times this week I’ve even gone outside without an umbrella! People here seem to carry around umbrellas all the time, just in case the dark overcast of Santiago pops up out of nowhere and you’re stuck inside the grocery store cursing the city and its slippery wet sidewalks of irony.
As I don’t have any real photos to share, please enjoy some of the lovely scenery around Santiago that I’ve captured with my new camera 🙂

At the City of Culture museum, with the giant wheel of books.

The view on my walk to class.

What’s UNDER the view on my walk to class.

The extremely weird geese in the pond on my campus. There are also swans!
Little stream that leads into the pond.
This isn’t my picture, but something I wanted to share: These are cars used for one of the driving schools in Santiago, called Mata. What’s funny is that in Spanish, “mata” means “kills”. I usually avoid the crosswalk when one of these is coming through.

Santiago wants to make sure everyone in the city practices safe sex. 
This is something I can’t quite wrap my head around – a narrow, one-way street at a non-crowded intersection that gives people almost 90 seconds to cross. Been wanting to snap this picture for a while! 
One of the candy stores on each block that sells all the same gummy candies: gummy fried eggs, clothespins, fruits, spiders, and even body parts! All strange, sugary-coated goodness.

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