International dinner!

Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain

The ESN (Erasmus Student Network) here in Santiago had a great event the other night in which students from all different countries could bring in and share a typical food or meal from their country. There were so many different countries that participated, including Poland, Germany, Turkey, Czech Republic, Mexico, Italy, Bolivia, Spain, Kazahkstan, China, Brazil, and of course the USA! I participated with a guy I met here from Salem, Oregon and we even met a man from Albany, New York. Can you imagine what our food was?

Fancy caramel popcorn, New York cheesecake, and PB&J sandwiches!
Naturally, we won the food competition!!! 
Okay, not really, but all of the food was gone by the end of the evening and people said they enjoyed everything. So that’s a win to me 🙂

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