It’s happening again.

The anxiety. The excitement. The planning. The wanderlust.
In just four days my family and I will finally be on our way to Melbourne, Australia for the first time and we can hardly wait!
My mom’s from India and I’d been there many times until I was 12. Since then the majority of her family immigrated to Australia and it’s been a long dream of ours to visit them there. 
I love the feeling I get before a big trip. There’s a certain high I get in buying last minute items, packing my suitcase, and preparing for the long flight. The best part is researching the place, listing all the sites I’d like to visit, and creating a calendar on which I plan where I’d like to go for each day and buying tickets in advance.
The only downside is that I haven’t been able to plan very much due to the fact that we’re visiting 90% for family and 10% for sightseeing. I’ve gotten up to the part where I’ve done the research and decided the places I’d like to go, but my mom is adamant that we don’t make any concrete plans until we get there. Being someone who plans each day of vacation down to a T, this has been driving me crazy! I recall my spring break while I was studying abroad in Spain, when I visited Rome, Florence, Pisa, and Paris and had my itinerary ready and tickets purchased several weeks before I even boarded the flight. It went so smoothly that I could barely believe I didn’t run into any snags. It’s a bummer I can’t do the same here, but at least I have my calendar mapped out with a list of sites on the back to make suggestions while we’re wondering what to do each day.
Anyway, we’ll be spending a total of five weeks down under, the first three being in Melbourne, the fourth in Sydney, and the fifth in Darwin, where just my mom and I will be going since my dad and sister are leaving early. Unfortunately we’re going during their winter season so the weather won’t be the warm, sunny Australia that we hear about. I still intend to collect as much beach sand as possible, however!
Look for my upcoming Australia posts and photos! I’ll be updating my blog at least every other day while we’re there.

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