Lazy, crazy weekend on Devon Avenue, Chicago

This past weekend I visited my friend Melanie, who lives on Devon Avenue in Chicago, AKA to my family as “Indian Town”. My mom, being from India, has been the cause of us visiting Indian Town twice a year my entire life to stock up on all Indian necessities such as mangoes, okra, an entire goat (meaning from the butcher) and of course stuff our face with Viceroy’s fabulous buffet. It was a weekend of crazy walking and eating all over Indian town and some more of Chicago!
On Friday night we went to pH Productions in Andersonville to check out improv comedy acts. It was great the way they organized it – they split up the “improvers” into two teams and then the audience decided who won based on applause. Those who initially guessed that the correct team would win won free tickets to a future show. Unfortunately I guessed the other team but I definitely I picked the right people!
Before we headed there we simply walked around her neighborhood and enjoyed the good weather. We got drinks at Waterfront Café, a spot I truly recommend stopping at while touring Chicago. A little treat right next to the lake.
Walking around Roger’s Park
Enjoying Waterfront Cafe
Hello, Mr. Marg!
And so Saturday began our exhibition of Indian Town. I never really get to explore Devon on my own since my parents are always so determined to get what they need and leave so it was nice to have Melanie along, who’s always willing to check out any place. Since she lives just a short bus ride away we grabbed the items on my mom’s shopping list, dropped them back at her place, then check out a bunch of sari, jewelry, and Indian-kitchen-gadget stores. The fashion on Devon is fabulous but I highly recommend purchasing it directly in India (if possible, obvs) – $12 for a set of 8 bangles in America is RIDIC.
And then came the oh-so-necessary buffet lunch at Viceroy, my family’s favorite restaurant on Devon. Apparently I’ve been going there my whole life! Woohoo! Viceroy’s great and has fantastic service and staff. The waiter kept talking to us and was surprised when I told them how much we love their restaurant (“But I haven’t seen you here before.” He had only worked there for a year). I asked for coconut water – my favorite Indian food accompaniment that I had never requested there before – and he comes out with an actual coconut! I thought for sure it would be in a glass! It was so lovely and fresh. Later, after I finished it, our waiter took it upon himself to cut it in half so we could scoop out the yummy insides with spoons. The best part was that he didn’t even charge me for it! So sweet.


Coconut water with naan, butter chicken, and rice.
Clockwise from white stuff: kheer (rice pudding), mango ice cream, sooji halwa, and gulab jamuns.
Inside World Fresh Market, one of the Indian grocery stores on Devon
Later on Saturday we went to Lincoln Avenue festival, a typically crowded street festival with bands, corn on the cob and weird people walking tiny dogs. We walked around but didn’t stay there for too long. Just an ordinary festival!
On Sunday before I left we had a deeeeelicious breakfast at Ann Sather, where you can get a guilt-filled breakfast of an omelette and two large sides for less than $9. I, of course, had my usual french toast and one of Melanie’s mammoth cinnamon bun sides (literally these things were a meal in themself). Later we slowly but surely mosied (you know, to mosy on… I’ve never actually spelled it before) on toward my ride at Union Station. I caught the Amtrak train between Milwaukee Airport and Union – an easy ride that’s $24 each way.


Beautiful neighborhood!
Near Waterfront Cafe – we stopped there after breakfast.
At Union Station – adios, Chicago!

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