Melbourne: The City and Parks

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

These past couple days we got to spend some time in the city center of Melbourne! It’s a beautiful city that’s just big enough to have lots to do but small enough to not be overwhelming. We went first on Monday morning which was the Queen’s Birthday holiday, so K and V had the day off. We assumed that meant that the entire city would be out and about but the streets were bare enough. K and V took us on a boat cruise on the Yarra River which runs through the city. The ferry was as packed as the streets outside so I was able to walk inside and outside without a problem.
We made our first stop the Lindt chocolate store inside Southgate station and got Lindt hot chocolate and a variety of truffles we don’t get in the USA. Don’t even get me started! We spent some time waiting for the cruise walking around the shops and on the 

Sculpture outside Southgate train station

I can’t even…

Someone get me a napkin for the drool! 

Southgate Pedestrian Footbridge

Beautiful views from the cruise

The “Melbourne Star”

A treat from the Joy bakery in Southgate station. I think we’ll be stopping there again!

The next day we went back to the city with my mom’s cousin E and her husband R. They took us to Eureka Tower, which offers 360 degrees of views from the 88th floor. I seriously felt like I was a bird or in a helicopter. The weather was perfect without a cloud in the sky, so we could see for what felt like hundreds of miles outside the city. The tower also offers a Skydeck experience for an extra fee, which puts you into a glass box that sticks outside (like the one in Chicago). We did it (because why not?) but I would say it didn’t seem worth it; the glass was smudgy and we weren’t allowed to take our own photos. It’s best to just stay put and look out the windows.

We stayed with them over night to spend more time together. This morning, they drove us to Mt. Macedon, which offers a little hike to a place of worship with a giant cement cross. Leading up to the cross area is plush greenery and lots of mountain mist. After coming back from the Cross we stopped at the small associated restaurant and got delicious English crumpets with cream and jam.

Spotted some Crimson Rosella birds outside restaurant!

The naughty rosellas were trying to eat Kenneth’s (the peacock) food.

After, we went to Organ Pipes National Park. After a pleasant downhill hike we came upon the rock formation which literally looks like pipes from a large organ. It was very different and peaceful. The park itself was a huge gorge filled with trees and wildlife. We even ran into a wallaby on accident!

So cool!

We took a wrong turn back up the trail and made a new friend, Mr. Wallaby!

Tomorrow morning my sister and I are going back to the city on our own to spend more time in Queen Victoria Market and check out Hosier Lane as well. That’s all, folks!

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