Murcia & Cartagena

Murcia, Spain
Cartagena, Spain

Last weekend I took a mini-cation to visit family who live in Murcia, Spain. It was great finally getting to know who I had been Skyping with and had heard about for years and years – my dad grew up with them. I was there for about 5 days and we packed a lot into those days! Watching a bull fight, walking around the city of Murcia, and even a day trip to Cartagena.

My aunt’s collection of bells! Sooo many!

At the bull fight!
Fighting the bull! Poor thing 🙁 The bull, I mean.
Cathedral of Saint Mary in Murcia – can see the tower in the dark behind on the left.

Inside the Cathedral of Saint Mary

Inside the Cathedral of Saint Mary

Later in the week we went to Cartagena, which is an historic port town. We saw the Roman Theater, which was built between 5 and 1 BC, as well as the attached museum, went on a boat ride around the port, toured Cartagena’s city hall, and had more paella and finally some sangria 🙂

Angelica y Tia Nena

Eduardo y Andrea
Fun boat tour around the port!

Castles on either side of the inlet of the Mediterranean Sea.

Neat paintings on the lighthouse – the black lines are paintings of people, or maybe their shadows.

Outside Cartagena City Hall.

Stained glass window on the main ceiling above the staircase in city hall.

A very official-looking meeting room in city hall.

Beautiful grand staircase in city hall.

El Teatro Romano – Roman Theater
All in all I had a great trip and hope that I can go back to visit again before this year is over. I’ve already been here a month but it feels like I just got here yesterday. This upcoming we’re going to Porto, Portugal with other exchange students from around Europe – hope most of them speak English as I’ve been getting a headache every night from speaking Spanish all day!

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