My A-Z Travel Blogging Tips

I’ve seen a few of these around, one of my favorites being from All Things Beautiful, which inspired me to create my own relating mostly to travel blogging.

Affiliate yourself with organizations related to travel blogging, such as the Travel Blog Traffic Exchange. Traffic Exchange

Business cards are great tools for advertising your blog in person. I talk about my blog a lot so it’s easier to just hand out a business card instead of the other person trying to write it down.

My card from

Comment on other travel blogs – it’ll help get your name out there!

Don’t stop blogging just because you’re not traveling. There are so many topics you could write about even if you’re working full time and stuck in one spot.

Excel can be your best friend. Use it to organize your posts and ideas. I also use it for keeping my interview list straight!

Fix up an email address to associate with your blog. It looks silly if your email is if your blog is called “Travels with Theresa”.

Get inspired by putting travel quotations or maps in your work area.

Have an ongoing weekly series. For example, I do Travel Tip Tuesdays, Would You Eat It? Wednesdays, and Featured Blogger Thursdays.

Improve your writing and photography techniques. There are many resources online specifically for travel journalism, such as MatadorU.

Journalism beyond your blog might be an area of interest. Once you have a better writing technique, you might want to check out some freelancing.

Keep a clean work space.


Leave citations and links for all pictures and quotations you supply in your posts that aren’t yours.

Maximize the experience you’re supplying in your post by engaging all five senses – the smell of the fresh bread with your lunch in Rome, feeling the hard crust, seeing the colors of the bruschetta on top, tasting it, and hearing the crunch.

Note down anything and everything you need to write a full blog post – such as restaurant names and menu items, streets, shops, hostels, experiences and environments.

Organize your thoughts before you write, even if you have to type it out first in paragraph order. You’ll keep yourself sane and it’ll be easier to come back to later for proofreading.

Pay a hosting website, such as BlueHost, in order to have your own domain instead of It looks better and is easier for people to remember. Some organizations won’t let you join without that.

Question your own posts before publishing them. Is this city worth writing about? What are people interested in getting out of travel blogs?

Research a city/etc. before you blog about it and call things by their proper names. It’s much better to say “il duomo” instead of “the cathedral in Florence”.

Schedule your posts and tweets in advance. I like to take my weekend mornings (I hate waking up late) to work on several weeks of upcoming posts. No stress during the work week!

Travel shows are your friends and a great source of inspiration.

Utilize social media such as Twitter. Favorite and retweet posts you really do find interesting! Follow the big travel celebrities, such as Andrew Zimmern, Rick Steves, and Samantha Brown. Interact with their tweets and drop their names in yours – they’ll be sure to notice at some point!

Visit your favorite travel blogs and websites regularly. It’s great to observe what your blogging idols are posting about and why they are so popular.

Work with other travel bloggers, whether it’s through interviews or guest posts.

eXamine (cheated a bit there) your post after it’s done and imagine yourself as a reader. Would you want to visit that site after reading your post?

You are what makes your blog interesting. Don’t write a sarcastic piece about what makes French people rude (they aren’t) if you aren’t a sarcastic person – it’ll show in your words. Be yourself in your posts!

Zero in on your goal for your travel blog. What’s it about? Is it a worthy goal?

Let me know what you think! I’d love to get some more advice.

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