My Favorite Beauty/Body Products to Travel With

I’m not much of a makeup girl (although I do love me some bright lipstick). Typically, I could easily go days without makeup if I didn’t have any plans or didn’t have to go to work. My daily routine consists of moisturizing my face, covering up my raccoon eyes with a few swipes of concealer, and adding eyeliner and mascara to my top lids only. I wouldn’t even know where to start with contouring or a smoky eye; I only apply bronzer and eye shadow a few times per year, to be honest. The nice thing about an easy beauty routine is that when I travel, I can just pick out my go-tos and throw them in my makeup bag. It takes me all of five minutes to get ready! Below are the products that I swear by, easy to carry and travel with, and they’re all inexpensive (besides one).

This waterproof pencil glides along lids, delivering bold, smudgeproof color that sticks around all night.Rimmel Exaggerate Waterproof Eye Definer, $5.70 Jeffrey Westbrook/Studio D



To me, eyeliner isn’t completely necessary, but this particular one by Rimmel is so convenient that it has to be part of my routine. It’s waterproof so it lasts through a 15 hour plane ride, and costs less than $5 at any drug store. Plus, it has a detachable smudger and sharpener at the end, and I love that I can just roll it up and down. I also have a sparkly one for special occasions.

We rounded up some of the best mascaras of all time. Here are 12 fabulous mascaras to add to your beauty regimen.

I’ve tried many mascaras and none come close to Covergirl Last Blast. I don’t get those horrible chunky lashes or the other horrible spider-leg lashes like I do with other mascaras. I do with the bottle was thinner, but what to do? It’s a really nice product and lasts all day even if I don’t use the waterproof kind.

Best of Beauty: How to get perfect smoky eyes—CoverGirl TruBlend FixStick Concealer's crayon shape is perfect for prepping eyes because it's both creamy and clingy (in a good way)

For years I used liquid concealer, dabbing it onto the little sponge and slathering it under my eyelids to cover up the stains left from the two above mentioned products. No longer as I recently discovered the Covergirl TruBlend FixStick, which I swipe under my eyes and anything else I want to cover up and *poof* it’s gone. It’s lightweight and small and perfect to throw in your on-board makeup bag. It blends perfectly into my mega-pale skin. It’s really inexpensive so I highly recommend this! Plus you don’t have to worry about getting through security as it’s not liquid and not going to spill.
I loved mood lipstick when it made a comeback in the early 1990s.

Okay, this “mood lipstick” is my newest love. My sister got them from Amazon and they are AMAZING (and they come in a pack of twelve and make great presents!!!). They’re made of aloe and turn my lips a bright fuchsia pink that looks awesome, and it’s a bit different on everyone. So fun! They’re also super moisturizing and the pigment literally lasts all day and through every meal and drink. Plus, it builds on transparently so you don’t even need a mirror when applying or reapplying. Just toss it into your purse and go on your merry way down the Champs-Elysees knowing your hot lips are the best on the block. The best part is that when my sister ordered them, they came in a pack of twelve! I’ve been giving them away to all my girlfriends and they love it.

My favorite lip color, lasts all day.  I have like 5 or 6 of these.  Just buy these; they're $8 and amazing.


My second recommendation for lip stains is the semi-new Revlon Colorburst Balm Stain. Oh my goodness, I am so in love with these. There are twelve colors and I’ve got six, so I’m halfway there. You can get them for $7-$10 and they look amazing! They are also super moisturizing and look great with their large array of colors. My only complaint is that they’re a bit too big so they take up some room in my small cross-body satchel.


e.l.f. Lip Exfoliator from Target = $3, BEST $3 I EVER SPENT. My lips are so soft no more dead dry scaly lips! Love it

I don’t normally carry this around, but it’s great on an airline when your lips get dry and chapped. Simply lick your lips and use the sugar to exfoliate, while the balm helps moisturize. It’s perfect before applying a balm stain as it removes the dead skin and helps the stain apply more evenly. I’ve only found it at Target and it’s just a few dollars.

Burt's Bees Cucumber & Sage Facial Cleansing Towlettes. These are the best facial towels I have ever used. They don't break me out, and are gentle on my sensitive skin. Best towelettes that I have used. They don't remove makeup quite as well as the Neutrogena towelettes, but are better for my skin and are 99.1% natural and no parabens.

Burt’s Bees is a great product and I always take this on a long plane ride. About an hour before descending I’ll make my way over to the bathroom, wipe of all my makeup and start over so I look and feel fresh before meeting whoever’s getting me at the airport or heading over to my hostel. It has a nice fresh scent and the seal helps them stay wet.

shaklee Enfuselle Basic System Normal-Oily Brightens skin tone

Okay, here’s the most expensive product on this list, but I can’t go a day without it. It might be hard to find this online as Shaklee works like Avon with independent distributors as their main sellers (but it seems like maybe you can buy it right off the website apparently). Shaklee’s skincare line, Enfuselle, is amazing and makes your skin feel like a million bucks. This tub in particular is my favorite. You just need a quick little dab – just a drop and you’ll be able to cover your face. I apply the tiniest amount to each cheek, forehead, and chin and it’s more than enough. I put a little bit into a tiny travel tub and toss it into my makeup bag so I don’t worry about it breaking and losing the whole tub. A little goes a long way!

LUSH Karma Komba Solid Shampoo Bar  Get awesome smelling hair and reduce waste with this solid shampoo bar. Since each bar is equal to about three 8oz shampoo bottles, you'll be throwing away way less plastic than normal — always a good thing!

We’ve all heard of Lush (or maybe not). The Karma Komba shampoo is a blessing for travelers as you can keep it in your carry on and not worry about security taking it. It smells like heaven and makes your hair feel like luscious waves. It also lasts a long time as you just run it over your scalp and it lathers instantly. Lush has a million and one other products, such as solid conditioners, so you could get your whole bathing routine right here. If you visit a Lush store they over give out samples if you simply ask, so you can try several products before committing. They use ethical and whole ingredients so you feel good about your purchase as well.

Here’s what some other fellow travellers had to say about their favorite products to travel with:

I love my original beauty blender, saves me bringing so many brushes all the time. Can be used to apply concealer, foundation, powder and bronzer/blush, which saves on space, time and money.” –

J. R. Liggett shampoo bars, castile soap, grapeseed or coconut oil for cleansing face/moisturizer/hair.” – Kelly,

I love benefit’s roller lash mascara! The wand is incredible and the formula is long lasting. I ditched my eyelash curler because it’s so great – thus saving time and space.
I also love NYX Photo Ready primer (I’m pretty sure that’s the name, I’m on
my phone or I would double check) It’s a green formula, but goes on clear. Since it’s green, it counteracts redness from sunburn, etc. Also primer obviously helps foundation stay on longer, which is great because if I’m traveling I don’t want to constantly be reapplying.
Lastly I love Stila waterproof eyeliner (again sorry I can’t look up the name right now) it lasts for hours and the product itself keeps for months as long as you keep the lid on!
Benefit Roller Lash
NYX Studio Perfect Photo-Loving Primer
Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner
I also ALWAYS travel with vaseline. I wrote a blurb about it, and a view other beauty staple products that are good to travel with:” 
– Allison,

I love Lush! They have some delicious smelling things and solid shampoo bars that are good to have in your carry-on bag. They also have solid perfume bars and real thick moisturiser that saved my skin when I once got quite burnt on the back of my legs! I love their products as it’s all ethically sourced and fair trade, using ingredients that are nourishing and natural… Ah also Batiste dry shampoo! A Travel sized one just about lasted me a long weekend with my mane x”  Sophie Saint,

It’s not really a beauty product but I love these tiny stackable containers... I use them for face creams, lip balms, hair product, etc. while travelling. You can stack them all together, so you only have one item to find in your purse.” –  Sarah,

I loove the body shop vitamin e face mist super during/after flying!” – Henar,

Dry shampoo, face wipes, and sample-sized perfumes are my favorites. A couple more are in my video if you need some ideas:” Jessica

I echo Dry shampoo, face wipes, lotion, chapstick and BB cream! Ulta actually has great selections of inexpensive BB creams and travel friendly eye shadows. But seriously. Dry shampoo.” – Melissa

I am obsessed with Barry M’s Genie lipstick – it looks green but always turns in to the perfect shade for your lips. I barely travel with makeup but a good lipstick always improves any outfit… and this is a very good lipstick!” – (

I am obsessed with Lush Shampoo Bars.” Jamie

“LUSH IS LIFE!” – Nishaa

I did a write up on liquid-free travel (mostly Lush); totally loving it.” – Jessica, How Dare She Travel

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