My Latest Travel-Accessory Items

I hate it when I don’t have any travel plans coming up. Like right now – I’m super busy at work and there’s no way that I can take any kind of vacation anytime soon. That’s fine – I’d rather travel in the summer months when our agency is in its slow season but that doesn’t stop me from looking into new luggage or perusing the map section at Barnes and Noble.

Anyway, I’ve been struggling to find the perfect carry-on and several other travel must-haves and so am compiling this list of items I’m judging at first glance to be a perfect accessory to airline travel:


The Travelon Wheeled Underseat carry on bag. I’d love to have a smaller carry on bag, and the fact that this has a side water bottle holder is perfect. I also love that this comes with a large purse that just slides down so it doesn’t slip around. I have never had luggage like that before – I always take a large purse with me that I try to wrap around the handle of my carry on but it slips around as I’m running through the airport. I would be nice to be able to keep it all together.

Find it here.


Aaaahhh. A sleep mask that won’t press against my eyelids. I found this at Kohl’s today but I’m waiting until I have a decent coupon available. I was able to slip it out of the package to try it on – it was a zebra one – and it seems perfect. I also love how lightweight, bendable, and adjustable it is.

Find it here.


Ooooh my goodness. I just picked up one almost exactly like this at TJ Maxx. I’ve tried the blow-up kind and the micro-bead kind – both of which fail me as far as comfort and durability. The soft memory foam version really impressed me. This one in particular has an adjustable clasp and a small pocket for a phone, or for which I plan to clip my iPod nano. Being foam it’s bendable and re-poofs into its normal shape in no time. I can’t wait to use it on my next long flight!

Find it here.

71xEWNIPrfL._UL1500_My personal bag becomes really crazy really fast. I definitely need some kind of organization in this area because the last thing I need is not knowing where my dramamine is when I’m feeling woozy.

Find it here.


I’ve been reading up on packing cubes and I think this would be the perfect addition to a suitcase. I’m definitely not the kind to just throw it all together so having everything in its place is just what I want!

Find it here.

What are some of your travel must haves? I’d love to gain more insight and hear your ideas!

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