Observations: Umbrella etiquette, slippery sidewalks, and small dogs.

As usual it was a rainy evening here in Santiago. And, as usual, I didn’t have a decent umbrella or my new rainboots that pinch my feet. Anyway, I have noticed that, as a result of all the rain here in the region, there is a sort of umbrella etiquette that one must follow and I must learn, or I will accidentally hit some old man in the eye (well probably not as all the old people here are 4 feet tall). Anyway, as you’re walking down the slippery, crowded sidewalk (more on that later), you need to maneuver your umbrella so it goes either above everybody going past you and their umbrellas, or lower it so it goes between their ear and shoulder. And you need to do this constantly throughout your journey from point A to point B or risk dirty looks.

As I mentioned before, the sidewalks are SUPER slippery when it rains. Honestly, in a city where they know that it rains all the time, why are the sidewalks so slippery??? Why are they not made of an extremely durable cement with a lot of traction??? If I wear any kind of flat-bottomed shoes, so basically anything that is not sneakers (tennis shoes for Max) or rainboots, just forget it. And the sidewalks here in the city are not like ours in America, which are giant slabs of concrete. The sidewalks here are like concrete and stone TILES, and there are newer white ones every few feet, which are the most slippery of all. I literally avoid walking on them even when it’s not raining.

Lastly, one of the first things I noticed when I moved into the city is that EVERYONE has a tiny dog. And I mean the kinds of dogs that are smaller than my cat. Don’t get me wrong, they’re cute dogs, but I just think it’s so funny that these are the most common kinds of dogs. Okay, well, either they’re super tiny, or they’re giant German Shepherds, but only the homeless guys outside the grocery stores have those dogs (which is actually really depressing because the dogs sleep all curled up and look really sad and I want to take them home with me even though I don’t really like dogs). I want to buy them a box of treats but that might get awkward.


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