Paris from a Different Perspective

Today I’ve got a guest post from Nicole Noel, a lifestyle blogger atHighStyleLife You can find her on twitter and FB.

Since I can remember, Casablanca was my favorite movie. I can’t clearly remember when was it that I saw it for the first time, but my earliest memory of it was the famous Humphrey Bogart’s “We will always have Paris.” Of course, I was too young to even know what or where Paris was, but even then I knew that it had to be a place like no other. Years later, as I grew and learned more and more about it, I found that all my initial assumptions were true.

If there is such a thing as a touristic capital of the world, then Paris definitely wears this title. Unfortunately, this also means that a Parisian tourist is probably the most cliché thing there is. Needless to say this was something I wanted to avoid at all costs. This is why I knew that I had to compose a unique tour, one you don’t see in movies or blog posts. Here is a piece of my Parisian magic, should you decide to embark on a journey.

Taking the Train


First of all, travelling is not just about the destination. It is about how you get there that matters as well. Sure, when going from London to Paris, the most obvious choice would either be to fly or to take Dover ferry, however I already stated that I show little interest in the most obvious choices. However, if you are looking for something unique and adventure-worthy, you can always take a train or a bus from London to Paris.  Today, there are numerous websites, such as GoEuro that will help you determine whether the time and the cost of such transportation meet your expectations. Truly a unique experience that is bound to make your trip quite unforgettable.

Food, Food, Food


Everyone who has ever heard a thing about this great European capital (or France, as the matter of fact) has heard tales, legends and fables about the local cuisine. Of course, what most people do with this information is hit the local (overpriced) restaurants and try something off the menu, usually based on recommendation. This, however, is not what I had in mind. While in Paris, I was visiting a friend of mine who had agreed to cook some of the most famous local delicacies for me. All I had to do was get all the ingredients. Luckily, gorgeous Marché St. Quentin had everything I needed and more.

Museum… of Sorts


Now, every single tour must contain a visit to a museum which is fine if what you have in mind is mingling with other tourists. On the other hand, a museum in Paris may have a completely different meaning and Museum of Vampires and Legendary Creatures is the embodiment of this idea. If there is a piece of literature and popular art about such creatures, this museum has it. If there is an item you associate these creatures with, this museum has it. If there is a weapon you would add to your vampire killing kit… You get the rest.

Paris Sewers


First thing that every admirer of French literature wants to see in Paris are its beautiful bridges. However, if one of your favorite books is Hugo’s Les Misérables (which was true in my case), your top priority will be to check out The Paris Sewer Museum. I know, I know, again with the museums. Still, seeing how this magnificent structure originates from 1200s, it testifies about history of this metropolis more than any cathedral or court ever could.

Unfortunately, there are no lists that are elaborate enough to capture all there is about Paris,whether we are speaking about its mainstream venues or hidden treasures. The only way to discover them all is to keep returning to Paris as often as you can. I know that I definitely intend to.

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