Planning Your Trip to Singapore

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Singapore, an island nation in the Pacific surrounded by Malaysia and Indonesia, is small enough for a quick weekend visit while still seeing many of the main sites. From its food to beautiful gardens, Singapore is a perfect destinations for all kinds of tourists.

Where to Stay

Of course one of the most important points of planning any trip is deciding where to set up your accommodations. Singapore has several different areas with its own personalities that will appeal to different travelers, such as Orchard Road, the Colonial District, and Marina Bay. Make sure to do your research and decide which area attracts you the most so you can find the perfect Singapore hotel for your stay.


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Foodies and curry lovers will salivate over Singapore for its variety of east and south Asian-inspired dishes. From traditional Singaporean chilli crab (a large hard-shell crab cooked in a tomato-based curry) to Tamil fish head curry, tourists will be wiping their brows often due to the complex spices in the dish.

A visit to Little India or Chinatown, famous for its narrow streets filled with traditional Chinese markets, restaurants, and temples, is a must-see for any tourist who wants to eat the best local dishes.

Tip: if you love this food but are not used to eating it all the time, make sure to bring along some stomach-soothing medications and of course drink plenty of water to help your body adjust.

What to Do

Although a tiny nation, Singapore has beautiful landscapes, intriguing neighborhoods, and fabulous shopping.

Singapore’s Botanic Gardens, National Orchid Garden, and Gardens by the Bay are obvious visits for nature lovers and those looking to get away from the crowds.

Tourists should be sure to stop by Marina Bay and Orchard Road to get their shopping fix. High-end brands abound at ION Orchard, the famous shopping complex on Orchard Road.

Singapore also has intriguing museums and memorials, such as the Changi Museum documenting the suffering that Singaporeans endured during WW2, the National Museum of Singapore which exhibits Singapore’s history as a country, and the Kranji War Memorial where visitors can mourn soldiers who defended Singapore during WW2.

Getting Around

Hands down one of the most convenient ways to get around Singapore is to use its handy transit system. Simply purchase a Singapore Tourist Pass for unlimited use of the city’s trains and buses. The rate is $10 per day or less if you purchase multiple days—what a deal!

Good to Know Tips

While most visitors won’t need a visa to enter Singapore, there are many other important points to know before entering the country. Details like currency used, electricity, and weather will help you plan your trip the best you can and avoid running into snags, such as not having brought appropriate clothes for the weather. Just like with anywhere else you visit, make sure to get as much of an understanding as possible of the culture’s ideals such as dress, tipping etiquette, and essential phrases.

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