Post Card Collage

I always collect two things from every city I visit: a shot glass and a post card. The shot glass storage is for another post, so in this post I’ll tell you about my post-card collage. It’s very easy and obvious; just arrange the post-cards according to your preference on any size frame and stick it up on the wall. It’s a great conversation piece and looks fantastic if you have a beautiful frame. I only have this tacky, cheap one right now but eventually I would love a large white one to display in my future travel themed library/study (yes it will happen). Besides, I haven’t filled up the whole space – but it won’t take too long 🙂 I suggest simply taping the post card – to glue it now would mean you couldn’t correct mistakes later if you needed to move the cards around. It’s a fun project and makes me think of all the future post-cards that will be added!

It’s filling up quickly! Next summer’s Australia trip should help.

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