Springtime in Murcia!

Murcia, Spain

This past weekend I was so happy to go back to Murcia to visit my family there one last time this year. Murcia was having its Spring festivals, which ended with El Entierro de la Sardina (the burial of the sardine – yes, the fish), which included street festivals, parades, and fireworks. On Saturday, after the final parade of the week in which the people in the floats threw toys and everybody was going insane trying to catch stuff in their bags, the whole town gathered around a giant plastic sardine that was set on fire (last couple pictures), warming us up after the chilly evening.

I also went to a concert with my cousins in the Plaza del Toro (bull fighting ring) on Friday and it was so cold outside! I’m normally tough against the cold since Wisconsin is covered in snow half the year, but I was freezing! Nevertheless, the concert was great and although I didn’t understand the words, it was my kind of music so I had a lot of fun 🙂

It was a weekend filled with family and great food and I didn’t want to leave! I hope not too much time passes before I can come back, or they can come visit us in Wisconsin (hint hint :))

Thursday’s parades with Angélica & Tía Nena

Thursday’s parades with Tia Nena & Andréa

Here comes the sardine!

The biggest paella I’d ever seen!

Dressed as a huertana with Maria Jose. Hard to describe what a huertana is, but this is the classic clothes they wore and so during festivals the Murcians dress in this typical attire.
Waiting for the fire…

El entierro de la sardina! The last part of the spring festivals.

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