Sydney’s Featherdale Wildlife Park

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Today was probably one of the best parts of Sydney: visiting an Australian animal petting zoo! Featherdale Wildlife Park is a small sanctuary when people can get up close and personal with koalas, kangaroos, wallabies (smaller-looking kangaroos), and several other Australian native animals. We had so much fun petting and feeding the wallabies that were roaming all over the park, trying to get the best selfie we could. The Park seems to be overlooked as my relatives hadn’t heard of it before. It has something for all ages and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Sydney as I wouldn’t have had the same experiences interacting with the animals in the zoo.
Probably the oldest-looking koala I’ve ever seen

Hungry mungry!
Got something on your face there…
Doesn’t seem too thrilled about the selfie…
A bunch of lazy bones!
Sorry, my camera isn’t food!

There were plenty of other animals, too, but none were as much fun as those wallabies!

Fairy penguins
A grumpy looking kookaburra
A quokka, possibly the cutest and happiest looking animal ever!
How you doin?
A BABY KOALA WITH ITS MOM! My life is complete.

As I said, I definitely recommend checking out Featherdale! It’s a quiet and uncrowded space with a lot to offer.

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