Sydney’s Taronga Zoo

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Today we visited one of the best zoos I’ve ever seen, Sydney’s Taronga Zoo. It’s located outside of the city but a simple ferry ride from the harbor took us right to the entrance. It has the largest variety of animals I’ve ever seen and it was so expansive we didn’t even have time to finish walking through the entire area (it is oddly organized, though – not a single path to follow but many). It was a beautiful day, but we were a little nervous that it was too cold for the animals as the previous day we’d heard that many of the animals had been kept inside. We were happy to find that all the animals were out and about, ready to pose for our pictures!
Tree kangaroo

Forgot my sword of Gryffindor at home!
So cute! I think this one’s named Darwin
Holy huge pelican, batman!
Cutest little pop of color ever!
We watched a fantastic seal show! They were very good and got us all wet in the front row!
Beautiful tiger!
Clearly the king of the jungle!
The zoo has the most gorgeous view of the Sydney Harbour!
Quick relaxation after a day of walking
Ferry ride back to the harbor!
Gorgeous sunset over the Opera House
Harbor Bridge at sunset

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