Road Trips in Australia

Okay, I love Australia and am very lucky to have a lot of family there. A few years ago we finally visited them and had the time of our lives! We even got a treat with a road trip on the Great Ocean Road, which is the road trip you’re supposed to do in Australia. I had no idea there were so many more! Read on to learn about Australia’s great road trips thanks to my friend and frequent guest blogger, Diana – follow her on Twitter at @DianaSmith82!

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Top 4 reasons to visit the Gold Coast

Hi all! Today I’ve got a great post on Australia’s Gold Coast by Nicole Noel, a lifestyle blogger at HighStyleLife You can find her on twitter and FB.

Without a single doubt, Australian Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth. This metropolitan area south of Sydney is ideal for various kinds of activities, which is the main reason for it being one of the greatest touristic attractions on the continent. However, some would say that this is quite a bold statement that needs some backing up. With this in mind, here are 4 most important reasons why everyone should visit Gold Coast at least once in their lifetime. Read more

Most Romantic Spots in Sydney

Today I’ve got a wonderful post on the best romantic in Sydney by writer/blogger Nicole Noel! Nicole is a lifestyle blogger at HighStyleLife . She is passionate about travelling and healthy living. She loves exploring new things and sharing her ideas with others. You can find her on twitter and FB.

head shot

The amazing Sydney Harbor Bridge has been the touristic attraction ever since 1932. It has been visited by many celebrities that dared to go bridge climbing. These include Oprah, Mat Damon, Katy Perry, Emma Thompson and many more. It is also a place where many romantic dates are happening throughout the year. It is famous for being the gathering place of romantic couples. However, there are other things that you can do around Sydney for your date. Read more

Would You Eat It? Custard Apple

This guy goes by many names: custard apple, sitaphal, cherimoya, soursop or “What the heck is that?”. What the heck that is, is a fruit of the cherimoya family that’s big, green and lumpy. It looks like some kind of giant tree fungus from the outside, but on the inside are lots of big seeds covered in a sweet, creamy coating similar to a custard texture.

We were so excited to see these on our recent trip to Melbourne – we had only gotten them in India and I assumed they would forever stay in my memory instead of in my mouth again. We ate our fill and then some! They were amazing and I highly recommend a taste if you ever get a chance.
So… would you eat it?

More of Sydney

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
My sister, cousin and I took a last spin of Sydney today before we head to Darwin tomorrow. It was nice getting a break from the parents and doing our own thing for the first time all week. They happily went to the Botanical Gardens (yawn) while we pranced around Sydney and ate ice cream… lots of ice cream. We happened upon an amazing and unique shop called N2 Gelato Extreme that makes ice cream on the spot by freezing it with nitrogen.. we may have stopped there once or twice throughout the day. It looks more like a chemistry lab than ice cream shop but the results were fantastic! It’s located within Chinatown.
Some of the many flavor archives on the wall

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Sydney’s Featherdale Wildlife Park

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
Today was probably one of the best parts of Sydney: visiting an Australian animal petting zoo! Featherdale Wildlife Park is a small sanctuary when people can get up close and personal with koalas, kangaroos, wallabies (smaller-looking kangaroos), and several other Australian native animals. We had so much fun petting and feeding the wallabies that were roaming all over the park, trying to get the best selfie we could. The Park seems to be overlooked as my relatives hadn’t heard of it before. It has something for all ages and I would recommend it to anyone visiting Sydney as I wouldn’t have had the same experiences interacting with the animals in the zoo.
Probably the oldest-looking koala I’ve ever seen

Hungry mungry!
Got something on your face there…
Doesn’t seem too thrilled about the selfie…
A bunch of lazy bones!
Sorry, my camera isn’t food!

There were plenty of other animals, too, but none were as much fun as those wallabies!

Fairy penguins
A grumpy looking kookaburra
A quokka, possibly the cutest and happiest looking animal ever!
How you doin?
A BABY KOALA WITH ITS MOM! My life is complete.

As I said, I definitely recommend checking out Featherdale! It’s a quiet and uncrowded space with a lot to offer.

Ocean Views Around Sydney

Sydney, New South Wales, Australia
We took a hike to Barrenjoey Lighthouse near Sydney today. As you can see it was a gorgeous day while we huffed and puffed our way up a very steep hill. However, as always, the ocean view was worth it as well as the whales we saw surfacing in the far distance!
*almost* *there*

Barrenjoey Lighthouse

Later we drove to North Head to get some twilight views of the city.

Beautiful sights, beautiful day!

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