A Millennial’s Guide To Exploring Pho-bulous Vietnam

My love for the far east continues with the help of some of my amazing guest bloggers, including Leila Dorari, a freelance writer from Sydney who is passionate about self-growth through travel, cheap deals and living better lives by exploring as much of what Earth has to offer as possible. Read on to find out one of my top bucket-list spots – Vietnam!

Since the ‘90s, Vietnam became one of the hottest tourist spots, and nowadays it has more than 3 million tourists since 2009. Its beautiful and enchanting nature together with cultural diversity makes it one of the most sought out exotic destination among the travellers, especially millennials and backpackers. It has everything, from the urban, city excitements to the rural sceneries with mountains and greenery, meaning that it’s suitable for any type of young tourist no matter if you’re looking for outdoor activities or taste of the exotic cuisine. Read more

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