Taking Care of Your Skin While on the Road

Skincare is something that is of personal importance to me. As someone who has suffered with keratosis pilaris her entire life, I always make sure to have proper moisturizer wherever I go. Thanks to Ian Pearson, a tech and photography enthusiast with a passion for writing and blogging, for this important post and reminder to never let skincare falter even when traveling! Follow him on Twitter at @1anPears.

Taking care of your skin doesn’t stop when you leave home. It’s even necessary while you’re at the office, in a restaurant or when using public transportation. That’s why it comes as no surprise that you need to bring all bare necessities for skin care when you’re travelling, no matter if you go camping or staying in a five-star hotel. The only problem with keeping your skin nurtured during that time is how to do it effectively and fully like when you are at home. But before you start packing your products for regular skin care routine, have a look at these tips to find ideas how to do it successfully.

Always have a moisturizer at hand

Change of climate, different weather conditions, lodgings and mode of transportation are only some of the reasons to always have your moisturizer at hand. Sun exposure and wind can damage your skin and cause irritations and, if you’re prone to allergic rashes your skin will dry faster and become dehydrated. Applying moisturizer generously before the travel can help mitigate some of the potential problems, but you will still have to apply it again when you reach your destination.

Micellar water goes in your handbag

Unlike other cleaning products, micellar water will remove impurities from your face and neck without drying out your skin. Made of cleansing oil molecules called micelles, this product looks like water but actually has a different texture. It is even praised by many dermatologists for being the most convenient product to take with you everywhere and especially to places without running water. Another plus side of this product is that it can be used for removing makeup without leaving your skin oily and in need of washing like many removers do.

Sunscreen is not optional

You may think you won’t feel any side effects of the sun if you stay in the shade, but that’s not exactly true. UV rays can go through fabric and glass so you still need to apply sunscreen to be protected. Besides making your skin dry out and old faster, sunlight is the cause of one of the most aggressive forms of cancers – melanoma. So, if you have a very light skin or freckles and moles, use SPF50 cream and lotion, and you can use SPF30 and less if you’re not in risk of getting skin cancer. But no matter the skin type and that you want to gain tan, always apply sunscreen several times a day if you’ll be exposed to the sun.

 Blotting papers will kill the shine

Those of you with oily skin know how troublesome it can be, especially if you wear makeup. But oily T Zone is something almost everyone had to face, no matter the skin type, so carrying blotting papers in your pocket or purse can be a lifesaver. They are great for absorbing oil from your face and removing shine, without ruining your makeup, and they are also small enough to go anywhere with you.

Drink enough water

Experts from Silkwood emphasize that water is good for your overall organism for many reasons like digestion, excretion and circulation, and even though many doubted it, it’s great for your skin too being that it’s also an organ. Without enough water, your skin will dry out and become tight, start cracking and have wrinkles.

Never go on the road without eye patches

No, you’re not going to hide your puffy eyes by placing patches over them. You are going to place them on the area underneath your eyes, wait for 15 minutes or so and enjoy refreshed look instantly. Puffiness, dark circles, fine lines and dehydration are all consequences of too little sleep, weather, partying or allergies. And especially when you’re on the road, your eyes are usually the first to experience the change of lifestyle and habits. These under eye patches come from various known brands and are convenient to take with you even on the plane or train.


If you pack lightly, you can still take all the above with you since these products don’t require too much space. Some brands even have travel editions in smaller amounts and packages which are also great for handbags or pockets. But before you decide to buy any of it, make sure you know your skin and how it reacts to certain conditions. Even dry skin can get oily, and vice versa, so improper and unsuitable care can make the symptoms worse and leave more visible marks on your skin. Never forget that your skin is the largest organ on your body and the one most exposed to external conditions, and that’s why protecting it will not only make you pretty but also healthier.

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