The night before and the day of my departure!

As excited as I am to get back home, it’s a little bittersweet to finally say goodbye to Spain. It’s been such a long journey that I’m not really sure what else I can say here except Thank You.

Going to miss my roomies!

Love these girls!

Amy’s sister was also leaving for Dublin on the same flight, so she and Jess came to see us off! Posing with the iconic Ryanair – basically defined our year!

One thought on “The night before and the day of my departure!

  1. I love this blog!! you are great Sam and this year with you, Ga and Heber was the best year in Santiago!! I miss you a lot!!!

    Mi inglés no es muy bueno pero lo intento jajajaja

    Pues lo dicho, que fue todo genial y se vivieron momentos geniales como estos:

    Un beso grande desde Galicia!!!

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