Tips for Mastering an African Safari

Today I’ve got a great guest blogger, Marie Nieves from who’s going to talk tips for going an African safari!

Going on an African Safari is a true adventure in which you should definitely engage. I certainly didn’t regret it, since I enjoyed hunting for the opportunities for great photographs and unique experiences. Planning such an adventure can be demanding, but once you know what to pack and prepare, you are good to go.

Choose your Type of Safari

Safaris can be costly, but there are some ways to tailor the costs to fit your budget. The money spent depends on your demands and on the type of safari. Three countries that I would recommend you for an adventure are Kenya, Tanzania and Botswana, which are all filled with rich and exciting wildlife and beautiful National parks which promise you the best experience you can get in Africa.  As for the types, you can choose to go on a luxury safari, whose costly price covers tours, food, drinks and fun excursions, as well as luxury comforts and homes in Africa. A bit cheaper option are overland (mobile) safaris which involve campsite accommodations and you are most likely to travel in a tourist group and sometimes cook and set up camps together.


Pack the Clothes

Pack the clothes that you think you might need, and make sure to pick ones that are lightly colored and made out of airy fabrics. You can also plan brining layers of clothes, but that depends on the time of the year. For myself, I packed several pairs of khaki pants, long sleeved shirts to cover my skin in the sun and lots of tan colored t-shirts. Consider bringing along some kind of warmer shirts or even a jacket, which can keep you warm during the night if necessary.  Also, you will need quality shoes such as boots with thick soles, and I advise you to leave your sneakers and flip flops at home. Just in case you run into a snake or some thorny bushes.


Pack the Essentials

Medical kit is one of the essential things you should have at your hand. In your backpack you should have the following: diarrhea tablets, re-hydration salts, some bandages, sunscreen with highest possible SPF, moisturizers, malaria tablets, anti-histamines, some alcohol for cleaning cuts and wounds and other medication or supplies you think you may need. Better safe than sorry, because you can never know what could happen.


Other things you should have on you are several bottles of drinkable water, quality cameras, phone, binoculars, lots of wet wipes, bug sprays and multiple chargers for all of your devices. You can even bring a book or two to read during your flight or long rides or nights, and even some fun games bookmarked or installed on your phones, such as Sudoku, for example, which will only need some Wi-Fi at your accommodation. Games and books about the animals and the country you are visiting are always useful when it comes to killing some time.


Health Measures

Do a thorough research about health issues in a country you plan on visiting. Even though this is an adventure, you want to stay as healthy as possible. In most major cities the water is drinkable, but you better stay with bottled water so you would avoid stomach problems. Also, vaccination could be needed before visiting some parts of Africa. Consult with your doctor or some health organizations in the area and see what you need to do. In case you have some prescription medications, have some spare supplies, just in case there are no such medications in the local institutions.


Be Safe!

Always make sure to be safe, especially when in wild areas; charge your devices so you could call for help anytime. Also, make sure that your car is safely locked from the inside; make several photocopies of your passports, airline tickets, driver license, visas and other important documentation, and make sure to leave any valuables, such as jewelry, at home.


Once you have picked your adventure, packed all the essentials for good pictures and health measures, you are ready to go on the wildest safari of your life. Even thought this is a vacation, stay on alert so everyone could safely have fun.

About the author


Marie Nieves is a lifestyle blogger who loves unusual trips, gadgets and creative ideas. On her travels she likes to read poetry and prose and to surf the Internet. Her favourite writer is Tracy Chevalier and she always carries one of her books in her bag. Marie loves to share her experiences and talk about practical solutions. She is an avid lover of photography and regular author on several blogs. You can find Marie on Facebook or follow her on Twitter and G+.

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  1. I have always wanted to go on an African safari, I think it’s would be so fun. I appreciate the tips on what to pack, especially the one covering the essentials. I totally agree with you, it’s better safe than sorry.

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