Top 4 reasons to visit the Gold Coast

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Without a single doubt, Australian Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful places on the face of the earth. This metropolitan area south of Sydney is ideal for various kinds of activities, which is the main reason for it being one of the greatest touristic attractions on the continent. However, some would say that this is quite a bold statement that needs some backing up. With this in mind, here are 4 most important reasons why everyone should visit Gold Coast at least once in their lifetime.

Enjoying the Nature

Even though Gold Coast is mostly metropolitan area, here you can witness some of the most dazzling natural resorts you have ever seen. First thing that everyone has in mind when Gold Coast and nature are brought together is Lamington national park. This incredible rainforest lies on the Lamington Plateau in the vicinity of Gold Coast and is one of Australia’s greatest natural riches. Just a brief walk through this forest will be enough to fully depict just how first settlers of this continent felt during the birth of this great nation.


Another place worth visiting is an amazing Tamborine rainforest. The best thing about Tamborine rainforest is that it has a perfect skywalk, which facilitates your tour, yet does not diminish your pleasure in the face of all these sights. A short stroll on this skywalk would be truly a sight that you are never going to forget.


Interesting Wildlife

If you are more interested in seeing all the different wildlife that resides here rather than just walking through the forest, your safest choice would be to go to the Currumban wild life sanctuary.


This heritage-listed zoological garden comes as some sort of natural oasis amidst the urban area of Gold Coast. Here, you can enjoy seeing some of the most interesting species that this place has to offer. Furthermore, for those bit more oriented towards the sea, there are several agencies in Gold Coast that offer whale watching. These enormous mammals are truly a unique sight, and an opportunity like this should not be missed at any cost.

Adrenaline infused activities

Some however, do not go on these excursions simply to enjoy sightseeing. On the other hand, sometimes in life, you get the opportunity to do both of these things at once. Climbing Skypoint is a perfect example of this. Skypoint is the highest open building on the Gold Coast from which you can observe most of its coastline.


The climb alone requires a lot of courage but the sight from the top is more than worth it. Here from the top, you can also spot the best place for surfing since the beach below is considered to be a genuine paradise for surfers. Here however, you would be forced to find two things: a good instructor and a proper gear. It would be great to try out some sups and find out why Surfing Paradise got its name.



As for the entertainment, one could safely claim that Gold Coast is a place with no equal. Both Warner Bros Movie World and Dreamworld are situated here which makes this area the unofficial entertainment capital of Australia.


The best part is that this kind of fun is appropriate for all age groups. Apart from this, there are so many bars, restaurants and even theme restaurants here to visit. One of the greatest examples is Dracula’s Restaurant Cabaret, which offers great time to all nocturnal creatures.

As you can see, there is no shortage of interesting and fun activities to experience on the Gold Coast. The only problem here is a fact that you will need a well-planned itinerary if you are to visit all of this in just one run. On the other hand, people who visit this incredible place tend to return to it year in and out.

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