Top 5 Friday: Online Travel Magazines

This week we’re looking into my top five online travel magazines/networks:

1. Matador Network

I have to start with this one. Matador Network, partner with MatadorU, an online travel journalism university, is the perfect place to check out fabulous, and quite random, travel articles by amateurs and seasoned travel journalists alike. It’s a fantastic community that’s supportive of newcomers and has something for everyone. The articles are written by people who have experienced what they’ve written first hand – not just some regular article about different beetle species found in the Amazon. They are personal and make you feel like you’re the narrator.

2. Wanderlust

Wanderlust is a British travel magazine that, like Matador Network, has an online portion with a lot of random content but is all very useful. From advice articles to inspiring destinations that’ll make you want to book your next trip right now, I find Wanderlust to be a lot of fun. I also really enjoy its Blog of the Week series!

3. Suitecase Magazine

For the fashionable traveler, Suitcase has it all. From city guides to couture, Suitcase provides great articles with nicely done photography.

4. Go World Travel

I love this website because it seems to organized! It has articles concerning every continent, even Antarctica, and every travel-related interest one might have – and all of this is organized so beautifully despite the amount of content. Their three blogs, Why Travel Matters, Miss Adventures, and Worldwide View are also very interesting.

5. Condé Nast Traveler

The online portion of Condé Nast opens with an enormous picture asking if you’d like to view that article or try another. The in-your-face-ness of it is pretty impressive and makes you want to scroll through everything they have. They have a lot of great content that’s fun to spend a couple hours perusing through.


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