Travel Tip Tuesday: Manicuring Before Takeoff

I admit it, I’m a huge nail polish fanatic. I take full advantage of Ulta’s $3.50 off $10 purchase at least once a month and buy myself a new OPI, eagerly applying it as soon as I get home. My boyfriend even built me a nail polish rack for Christmas last year! And, as I write this, I’m taking a break to apply a bright red manicure. Love it.

So, you would think that before I jet off I make sure that my nails look in top shape with a gorgeous color.

You’d be wrong!

When it comes to nail polish, I highly recommend that girls DON’T give themselves a manicure before they leave. Sure, it’ll look great the first couple days but after that it’ll start chipping. Personally I hate it when my manicure isn’t perfect – the smallest chip will make me wipe it all off and start over. I’d hate it even more if I had to deal with it while traveling and I’m not going to drag a bottle around with me the whole time. I once had a bottle break and get all over the inside of my cosmetic bag – that’s not happening again.

I do recommend applying a nourishing clear coat – something easy to apply that isn’t noticeable when it chips. It looks classy and goes with every outfit. If you want to take the bottle with you, store it in its own little snack baggie or you might be sorry!

The only time I’d recommend vacationing with a manicure is if it’s an acrylic or gel manicure done by a professional, so you won’t have to worry about chipping while you travel.

Happy travels!


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