Travel Tip Tuesday: Samantha’s Top Ten Travel-Themed Pins

Pinterest, the ultimate time-passer, has become my new favorite search engine. There is no better way to prepare for your next adventure or project. Here are my top ten travel-themed pins that deserve a look!

The inevitable packing list.

Samantha En Route: Don't forget the extra underwear! Packing list for...

If you’re like most amateur travelers, you have no idea what to pack for your trip. What will the weather be like? What activities will you be doing? Will you meet someone cute? The amount of packing lists on Pinterest is phenomenal and you’re sure to find a list for all your needs and travels.

The memorabilia projects. 

I need to do this for New Orleans.

How fun is this pin? Pinterest is, obviously, great for projects and ideas. I love imagining these shadow boxes in my future library/office/travel-themed room.

The tipping distinctions. 

Dining Etiquette Around The World

We could all use a little help in this area – it doesn’t hurt to have a cute and handy image to go along with it.

The travel life hacks. 

20 Travel Hacks to Save Time and Money on Your Next Trip

Again, lists like these are just plain helpful! Always check out similar pins about a month before traveling just in case you need to prepare/buy anything before your departure.

The aid for your travel diaries. 

travel journal and writing ideas from the Write Shop, lots of fun themes and prompts to capturing moments and feelings that photos don't always tell the whole story

I love travel journals and while I don’t keep one myself, I use these ideas for my blog posts and scrapbook.

Map art. 

colorful map!

How gorgeous would this be on my wall next to my city shadow boxes?!

The warnings. 

Top 10 places to see before they disappear

This is a pretty important pin – not only does it help me decide where to go in the next few years, but it makes me realize what a horrible impact humanity is having on this earth. This should be a #1 re-pin!

Making your way through Europe. 

How to travel Europe by train

Such a cool idea and totally doable. The thought of blogging this experience makes me want to book a plane ticket right away!

Wanderlust quotations. 

it's on my list!

I love stuff like this! So beautiful and inspirational.

The itineraries.

How to spend 10 days in Peru - Travel itinerary on a budget

Itineraries like this are so helpful! Even if you don’t want to follow it completely, it provides great ideas for where to visit and how to avoid tourists.

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